AI on Horizon for the Retail Industry

AI adoption in retail is expected to double in the next 3 years. From obvious wins to strategic differentiators, have you laid out your game plan yet?

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Unveiling Retail's Future: Powering Growth and Precision through Data Science

From driving bottom line growth by optimizing store execution to maximizing customer life time value through hyper personalization, you would have heard that limitless possibilities data can unlock. However, despite being a data-rich industry, often retailers fail to convert the ones to twos. Only handpicked organizations are actually able to institutionalize advanced analytics-based decision intelligence systems to arm the strategic and tactical decision makers and realize the benefits. Wonder why?

The Scale Up Syndrome

The Scale Up Syndrome

Often IT and Data teams build solutions that are applicable for hyper local scenarios leaving growth potential confined to fractional opportunity value. Data strategy and COE teams ought to focus on building scalable frameworks

Multi-Echelon Decision Supply Chain

Multi-Echelon Decision Supply Chain

Building siloed solutions with low to no interconnectedness across the insight of the supply chain results in revenue leaks. Top line or bottom line growth can only be possible if all hands meet

Focus on

Focus on "Data as a Culture"

Lack of scalable systems to operationalize insights into actions is as good as no insights. This can only be achieved through simplified insight consumption and governance systems in the hands of all decision makers

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