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Workforce management

Workforce Management Trends of 2021

Driven by the disruption of COVID-19 and enabled by technology, the world’s business leaders can redesign workforce management and redefine ways of working. Organizations are now rethinking workforce management, planning, performance, and experience strategies....

tech trends

Tech Trends 2021

After disruptions caused by the coronavirus crisis starting in 2020, businesses are looking forward to getting back on course and becoming sustainable. 2020 has created havoc and made holes in long-standing norms about how companies operate. It has become evident...

Sustainable supply chain

Sustainable Supply Chain and Big Data Analytics

Sustainability concerns are sprouting up in every industry. A growing population of consumers now prefer eco-friendly and sustainable businesses. Organizations are striving to address this concern, while improving internal systems and processes, by developing...

supply chain visibility

Supply Chain Visibility in Post Pandemic World

As the world becomes smaller and supply chains become complex, organizations have created best practices for managing their global supply chains. With the emergence of the global pandemic, business leaders are now looking at optimum supply chain management...

Healthcare Analytics

Five High-Value Use Cases for Healthcare Analytics

Understanding Healthcare Analytics Given the rise in competitive pressures, mounting operational costs, dynamic patient needs, and pandemic-induced challenges, healthcare organizations need to up the ante if they aim to succeed in the long run. Notably, the drastic...

supply chain visibility

The Ultimate Guide to Sales and Operations Planning

What is Sales and Operations Planning? Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is the ability of business functions from across the organization to come together and align on a single production plan. S&OP ensures streamlined, transparent processes across...

artificial intelligence in medicine

Emerging Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

The main aim of artificial intelligence in medicine is to mimic human cognitive actions which is directly or indirectly bringing pioneer changes in the field of healthcare. Artificial intelligence in healthcare simplifies the processes of healthcare organizations...

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