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supply chain analytics

Supply Chain Analytics and its Importance for Businesses

Supply chains generate massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, which, when used efficiently, can enable organizations to gain intelligent, actionable insights. Traditional supply chains, that do not make use of data analytics are siloed and...

telecom analytics metrics

Four Metrics in the Telecom Industry to Make Smart Decisions

What you can expect from the Telecom Analytics Metrics Article IntroductionTelecom Analytics Metrics Highlights of the Telecom Analytics Metrics Article S NoTelecom Analytics Metrics1.Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)2.Minutes of Usage (MOU)3.Churn Rate4.Subscriber...

steps in market segmentation

Effective Steps in Market Segmentation-Best Plan for Business

What You Can Expect from the Steps in Market Segmentation Article IntroductionFive Steps in Market Segmentation Highlights of the Steps in Market Segmentation Article S NoFive Steps in Market Segmentation1.Determine Your Target Segment’s Need2.Choose the Type of...

fast food industry challenges

Major Fast Food Industry Challenges in the Recent Years

What You Can Expect from the Fast Food Industry Challenges Article IntroductionFast Food Industry Challenges Highlights of the Fast Food Industry Challenges Article S NoFast Food Industry Challenges1.People’s Shift to Healthier Lifestyles2.Rising Competition3.The...

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