A Consultant’s Guide to Sell Analytics to Skeptics

Oct 31, 2017

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Analytical data greatly affects the business decisions made by companies. Therefore, there are high chances of decision-makers at the top-level hierarchy of a company to be skeptical and cautious while choosing the consultant to assist them in providing analytical services and arrive at a mutual plan of action. So how do you get corporates to turn to you for assistance in decision making? Here are some tips and tricks to sell analytical services to clients:

Mining Gold from Data

Analyzing a client’s historical transaction data will provide a quantitative estimate of the potential benefits that a client could gain by undertaking a certain activity. The best way to gain the trust of a skeptic is to provide them with information that they were not previously aware of.  The analytical services provided to the client should help them discover unexplored facts about the business and should also add substance to their suspicion regarding improving business processes.

Partnering with Companies

Once a client gains confidence in the analytical services provided to them by a consultant, the chances of them offering more projects are higher. In such cases, the analytical services provider can partner with these companies by providing services at a lower price instead of a benefit-sharing agreement. This helps to create a long-lasting relationship with the clients.

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Provide Testimonials

Testimonial stands as an unbiased recommendation of the analytical services provided by a consultant. Providing testimonials and instances of business success of past clients gives potential clients the confidence to entrust their faith in the analytical data that is provided to them.

Clear Cut Why and How to Substantiate Data

Top-level managers employ analytical services to assist them in key decision-making processes. Therefore, it is essential to clearly state how and why a particular decision will impact or prove beneficial for the business. Making blank business predictions out of thin air is a big “no” for consulting companies providing analytical services.

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Grabbing the attention of potential clients?

As in every industry, there is heavy competition among analytical services providers. So how do you differentiate yourself and effectively grab the eyeballs of potential clients?

References – A good reference can work wonders especially for a small analytical services provider. From clients who have used our services to industry experts who are familiar with our work, all of them can help open doors for new assignments

Conferences – Being an active participant at either attending or giving speeches at notable conferences can prove beneficial for a consultant. Networking with many top-level managers at these conferences can generate business for an analytical services provider

Websites, publications, and interviews – Leads can be generated with the help of content and other data that are published on the consultant’s website or any popular business publications. Client interviews about their success stories can also generate leads from businesses facing similar issues.

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