5 Animation Techniques That Are All Set to Transform Your Visual Experience

Nov 14, 2017

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Any media in the form of animation was long associated with the genre for children. However, the past decade has transformed the way animation has been perceived, thanks to the advanced animation techniques and creative storylines implemented in animated media today. Such technologies have helped service providers to grab the attention of all age groups alike. Here are the five latest trends that you should not miss out on in the animated media industry.

Non-photo Realistic Rendering(NPR)

Usually, 3D images are created using rendering software and post-production effect to create an uncanny image of characters. However, non-photorealistic rendering is an animation technique that follows a reverse principle. In the NPR technology, hand-drawn 2D looking images are simulated using 3D animation software and limited camera angles. The videos created using such animation techniques are a breath of fresh air, triggering a more gentle and emotional feeling for the audience.

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3D Printed Models

Stop motion and Claymation are old animation techniques that require animators to spends hours building scalable models. This is not only time consuming but also a costly affair. However, the advent of 3D printed models will help stop motion and Claymation to swing back into action. With the help of a 3D printed model, animators can create as many materials as they required at a reasonable price and within a short amount of time. This type of animations techniques helps to lower the total cost and make animated videos accessible to a wide range of clients.

Transformation of Illustration to Animation

This form of animation technique has gained popularity in the recent years, owing not just to the visual appeal but also to the simplicity involved in transforming illustration to animation. In order to transform illustration to animation, just keep the designed stills and add motion to specific details, depending on the script and timeframe. The only challenge in this form of animation technique is that the animator first needs to change the hand-drawn illustrations into digital designs to edit them further.

Isometric Animation

Isometric Animations are one of the interesting forms of animation techniques in which, a 3D object is placed in a 2D plane. This creates an interesting perspective foreshortening effect. The low cost and highly stylized capabilities associated with isometric animation have made it a very popular trend among game animators. Isometric animation would also be a great option for creating explainer videos for clients doing business in hi-tech fields.

VR Storytelling

Today, many popular companies are combining virtual reality with animation to offer unique viewing-experiences for their customers. Storytelling through VR will continue to be one of the popular animation techniques that companies are willing to explore to trigger increased user interaction.

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