5 Things about Ecommerce Trends You May Not Have Known

Jul 18, 2018

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E-commerce trends are extremely dynamic in nature and the industries associated with e-commerce are growing exponentially. Recent statistics show that the e-commerce industry is definitively moving on a positive path of growth. Today, more than 11% of online buyers shop via their smartphone or tablets on a regular basis and around 40% of online buyers are inspired by social media posts or platforms. With the e-commerce market growing exponentially, here are five new e-commerce trends for 2018 that you must check out to boost your e-commerce business.

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New e-Commerce Trends

Rule of Social Media

Social media will rule 2018 with the increasing influence of Pinterest and Instagram. Such e-commerce trends of introducing customers to new products every day without even letting them know are exciting. This medium will provide a perfect landscape for retailers to demonstrate their products to targeted customers in the e-commerce industry. So, you must optimize your social media post in case you haven’t because this is going to pull a good amount of traffic for your business in the upcoming days.

Lots of Voice Search

Today, technology has, in a way, made people very lethargic when it comes to typing their preferences on the Internet. They just want their job done by searching through their voice. Additionally, voice assistants like Alexa Echo and Google Assistant have made the job easy for the customers. So, optimizing your online e-commerce store for voice search is going to be one of the new e-commerce trends for 2018.

Automation and Chatbots

Today, Facebook Messenger has more than 1.3 billion users and this makes it completely valid to use chatbots to market your products, services, and promote your sales. There are several companies that have already started using chatbots for taking an order. If it makes sense for your business, it would be a good idea to use similar chatbots while it’s still an open field. In a few years, this could become a mainstream way of ordering, and lose some of its current novelty power. Such e-commerce trends are certainly going to bring about a revolution in the business.

Checkout Easily

Payment options provided by several FinTech companies and others have become a boon for e-commerce businesses. Such e-commerce trends will have a profound effect on businesses in the days to come. A short checkout form in place of traditional lengthy checkout form is going to get invisible in 2018. One-click purchasing will make shopping efficient and convenient.

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ROPO on its Way

It can be tricky as well as interesting to track how your digital efforts have performed offline. Fortunately, ROPO (research online, purchase offline) a tool that is going to become highly relevant in 2018 in the e-commerce industry and the years ahead can help retailers accurately measure how well their digital ads are contributing to in-store sales.

ROPO, one of the popular e-commerce trends, is a fusion of information from social media, mobile tracking/geolocation, mobile payments, in-store inventory, analytics tools, CRM systems, and more that helps to figure out which ads and site pages led consumers to in-store purchases. By knowing which digital ads are most efficiently contributing to sales, you can create more targeted campaigns.

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