5 Ways in Which Sports Analytics Will Help Score Big Points

Jul 4, 2018

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Analytics has made its mark in various industries by simplifying processes and giving actionable insights. But the use of analytics in sports is a relatively new concept. Today, professional sports have become so highly competitive that a minute can change the course of the whole game. Also, fan following for various sports teams have grown more than ever before, putting higher pressure on players and teams to monitor their performance. They are realizing the need for an accurate performance tracking system that can help take corrective measures after studying accurate performance metrics. This is where capabilities such as sports analytics come into the game plan. Sports analytics can make a difference in scoring touchdowns, signing contracts, or preventing injuries. Sports analytics uses sports-related data such as weather conditions, players’ statistics, and information from expert scouts to build predictive models around this data. As sports managements are competing to gain a competitive edge over the other, there has been a subsequent surge in the use of analytics in sports. Here is why sports analytics can solve major problems for coached, management, and players.

Live Field Data

Currently, a large amount of data is collected manually during a game of sports matches. But since the actions take place at a rapid speed on the field or during a match, it becomes difficult to track live data. Companies such as MotionWorks Sports Solution makes RFID tags that are attached to the ball, equipment, and even the players to track movement, distance, and speed.

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Fan Preferences

Teams and ticket vendors are trying their best to provide the most comfortable and enjoyable experiences to fans watching the match. They can use sports analytics to get to know the audience better and cater to their needs. Furthermore, it becomes easier to deliver a better experience to followers using team-specific mobile apps that provide fans with special content, in-seat concession ordering, and bathroom wait times.

Coaching Decisions

Coaches can leverage sports analytics to gain important and accurate data sets that would help them adjust their tactics for better results on the field. Using data, coaches and players can make more informed decisions that could decide wins and losses. They can also analyze the data from past matches or tournaments to formulate a better game plan and eliminate the tactics that do not give favorable results.

Data from Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is now slowly being experimented for sports analytics. Several vendors such as Adidas have introduced technologies that work by attaching wearable devices to the jerseys of players. Data from the device helps the coach identify who the top performers are and who needs rest. It also provides real-time stats on each player, such as speed, acceleration, and heart rate. This type of real-time data could help trainers and physicians plan for better training and conditioning.

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