Add the ‘Smart’ Element to your HR Analytics with AI

May 26, 2017

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What is human resource without the human element? The critical role played by technology in simplifying and enhancing the entire HR process cannot be denied. As wearables are being increasingly used to track workplace productivity and organizational health, it becomes even more interesting to see how virtual reality can influence the nature of the workplace. Machine learning and AI, thus have both disrupted as well as enhanced the entire system of HR analytics.

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What Happens when AI and HR analytics Meet?

With the growing use of big data, the HR industry is looking for an efficient technology that can simplify their work process and provide valuable insights for a better decision-making process. This marriage between AI and HR analytics results in:

1. Workflow Automation

A lot of time and efforts go into scheduling and rescheduling the hiring process. If one comes to think about it, an HR resource who has been dedicatedly doing this job can be intelligently used for other engagements. It is here that AI comes into play. By automating the hiring process, AI not only takes away the load off the HR team but also saves time and effort.

2. Personalization and Better Recruitment

Personalization is the key to the improved performance of the workforce. By capturing meaningful employee data, AI enables an enhanced understanding of how the training modules can be tweaked to give a personalized experience to the employee. This will not only enhance the quality of the training given but will also improve the overall productivity of the organization.

Secondly, let’s accept that recruitment is one of the tougher jobs. Finding the right person for the right job comes with its own set of challenges. And even though HR is one of the most human-centric industries, it is rather tough to filter out the right candidate. AI empowers the HR analytics to gain base-level data of every individual, making it easier to choose the most suitable candidate thereby speeding up the entire recruitment process.

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3. Enhanced Employee Relations

Improving the employer-employee relation is something every organization is working towards. A chatbot that is powered by AI helps in responding to the commonest of all HR queries and tracks learning patterns and performance of the workforce. By bringing all the elements of a typical workplace interaction together, AI adds the ‘smart’ element to the HR analytics.

Recently a cloud communications provider named Knowlarity added AI to its HR analytics to engage employees and forecast attrition. This is just one of the many examples of how organizations gradually realize the importance of AI in HR activities. The only precaution which the management needs to focus on is that AI does not replace the HR workers. Instead, it should be used to help the HR team focus on issues that cannot be resolved exclusively by using the available software.

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