How Advanced Data Analytics Drive the Next Wave of Growth for Transportation and Logistics Industry?

Nov 30, 2018


Today, transportation and logistics (T&L) companies have embraced advanced data analytics in their operations since it allows them to run sophisticated networks globally. But unfortunately, the investments made in advanced data analytics is not satisfactory. Now, it is time for that to change if the companies in the T&L sector really want their sales performance to grow. The commercial analytics capabilities of this sector lag average performance, which is primarily because of the reason that sales forces in this sector rely heavily on outdated processes and lack proper insights into the preferences of their customers and growth opportunities. Here rises the need for big data analytics for T&L companies. They already have enough data and can utilize big data analytics extensively to earn desired outcomes. With years of experience in offering data analytics solutions to businesses, we have noted that companies in this sector who embrace advanced data analytics can generate an additional 2-5% percent return on their investment. In this article, we have summed up three things that T&L companies need to do to realize the true potential of advanced data analytics.

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Boost Your Sales Through Advanced Data Analytics

Analyze and Segregate the Data you Already Have

This is the first step to follow if a T&L company wants to drive sales. The company needs to recognize the useful data that exists in the organization with the help of big data analytics. By analyzing the warehouse data, companies can analyze the shifting buying patterns of the customers when prices increase, or new SKUs are introduced, or when delivery frequencies change. Such data can help companies to recognize which customers its delivery teams and sales force should prioritize. It also helps to identify locations with the highest potential spend. Combining insights like this with rigorous outreach and prioritization has helped many T&L companies to drive its growth by 5% or more in some markets.

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Keep the Data Simple for the Sales Team

In any organization, sales teams typically have neither the inclination nor the time to delve into data. So, to make it easy for the sales force, companies need to develop a simple performance dashboard for sales teams to manage volume and pricing negotiations with large customers. If the data is made simple, it becomes easy for the sales team to understand it at first glance and they can delve into the details whenever they need to understand what lies behind the recommendations.

Embed Big Data Analytics in Daily Routines

Embedding big data analytics in daily routines is crucial to see a significant change in sales growth. Regular analysis of the data can help the sales team to keep a track of changes in the buying patterns of the consumer. This, in turn, can identify different pricing opportunities and can also help in mitigating risks. Another crucial component of embedding analytics is to hold people accountable for using them. That starts with fixing daily targets, then showing the sales team the analytics-based recommendations on products, accounts, or actions that will help them achieve the targets.

We, at Quantzig, have realized that T&L companies lag peer commercial capabilities, which creates an opportunity to bridge the gap through advanced data analytics.

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