#AnalyticsGoingPlaces – The Next Hollywood Blockbuster, Starring Customer Analytics

May 24, 2017

Customer Analytics

Hollywood movies are set to bring in the big bucks this summer. From spacefaring adventures to dark horror flicks, a sizable chunk of humanity will be thronging the theatres to catch up on the next masterclass from such acclaimed production houses as DreamWorks, Marvel, and 20th Century Fox. And this is a competition for sure, where a sizable portion of profits for one endeavor is closely dependent on the good/ill fortune of the competing venture. Is it all chance? Customer preferences? Or, does the nascent discipline of customer experience analytics have a part to play here?

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The Challenge – Employing Predictive Analytics to improve the Movie’s Chances at the Box Office

Big bucks result from reliance on strategically competent business practices. As a production house, ‘chance’ is one commodity that cannot be profitably relied upon. The success of any cinematic blockbuster is dependent on a number of factors- the perfect release date, lack of credible competition, the theme of the movie, and most importantly, the appeal that it is likely to hold with the paying audience. In this age of big data and analytics, predicting the reception of the movie in advance will help the production house plan a more aggressive promotional campaign, tweak the final product to appeal to the audience better, or delay the release to wait out a more impactful movie’s run.

The Impact of Social Media – Unfiltered Customer Insights

Popular social media channels prove a very productive and cost-effective platform to gauge the anticipation levels for the release of a forthcoming movie. Insights gained from such portals can be put to good use in determining the most apt date to release the flick, and inversely, also build a heady mix of intrigue and buzz for the movie through clever promotional campaigns. Blair Witch Project, anyone?

Understanding what the Audience Wants, and Reciprocating!

For established production houses, experience at the box office serves as a ready radar to predict the outcome of their movies after the release. However, if their last offering was a commercial dud, will customers flock to the next one? Before Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman hit the screen, the movie was expected to perform exceptionally well and claw back a sizable chunk of real estate that DC had conceded to Marvel by arriving late on the superhero movies scene. However, post the dark abomination that the movie proved to be, the audience isn’t very sure about Zack’s next outing with DC’s Justice League. However, this presents DC with an excellent opportunity to employ customer experience analytics and tune their next offering in line with what the audience wants.

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Today, customer analytics plays a crucial role in almost all profit-seeking ventures. Hence, it won’t catch anyone by surprise if the tenets of customer experience analytics are gainfully employed by movie production houses as they try to ascertain the popular vote before furthering a franchise. Launching a movie globally presents a substantial investment of resources and strategy. Multiple factors chip in to impact its fortunes, including its reception at the local level, concurrently staged popular events like sports and festivals, competing movies, and the popular perception of the movie’s cast and production crew. Analytics will help assimilate this information and brilliantly light up the shortcomings of the inherent marketing plan.

The next generation of film-goers could potentially be paying for and enjoying a premium feature that they helped influence, creatively. Won’t that be the delightful epoch of customer engagement?

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