How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the Media and Entertainment Sector?

Oct 3, 2019

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Today, media and entertainment companies face multiple challenges that can be attributed to factors such as live streaming of content, unpredictable traffic, personalization, and publishing permission-based content. Companies in the media and entertainment sector are investing a significant portion of their budget in improving bandwidth for streaming content seamlessly.

Artificial intelligence enables media and entertainment companies to precisely target audiences based on their media consumption patterns, increasing the chance of a conversion.

Media companies can use artificial intelligence to become more creative and productive as it can help in personalizing the user experience, search optimization while improving content-creation and production processes. Additionally, media companies can leverage artificial intelligence to automate operations and drive decision-making. In this article, we have highlighted a few benefits of artificial intelligence in the media and entertainment industry that can help companies to gather data at scale and improve the consumer experience.

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Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in the Media and Entertainment Sector

Facilitates Real-Time Streaming

Artificial intelligence helps companies in the media and entertainment industry in real-time content streaming. Also, it helps in customization, packaging, and transmission of content in real-time. As a result, this enriches consumer experience and improves ad sales through targeted ad insertions. Also, AI can help in interpreting streaming content and extracting metadata. This, in turn, will help media companies in monitoring content more effectively and protecting the privacy of users.

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Boosts User Experience

In today’s digitized business landscape, companies need to interact with their customers effectively. Targeted content and relevant recommendations are the most common ways to do it. Artificial intelligence not only helps media companies to serve their consumers with relevant advertising but also in defining a user’s relevant emotional state and the proper timing to publish this ad.

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Improves Content Management and Delivery

Just as a content generation can benefit from AI, also can the management and delivery of that content. Artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms can help in content-based searches and content suggestions based on selections over time. This helps media companies precisely target audiences, increasing the chance of a conversion. Artificial intelligence has the potential to close the loop between audiences, content generation, management and delivery, and the subsequent consumption of that content. Furthermore, it can offer valuable insights on audience behavior that can help in improving the content production process and marketing strategy.

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