Benefits of Big Data in Healthcare – A Revolution in the Making

Benefits of Big Data in Healthcare – A Revolution in the Making

The healthcare industry is posed with a different set of challenges each day, ranging from new disease outbreak to maintaining optimal operational efficiency. Added to that the increasing demand for patients to get better care at their convenience, there is only so much that advances in medical science can do. Tackling such challenges requires a different kind of approach. Big data and advanced analytics may just be the answer to the toughest of healthcareDemo challenges. With a plethora of data available to players in the healthcare industry including financial, clinical, R&D, administration, and operational data, big data in healthcare can generate meaningful insights to improve the overall efficiency in this industry. The significant growth in the healthcare data analytics sector also points towards the rapid adoption of big data in healthcare.

Big data in healthcare – Leading towards a better future 

Advanced patient care

A platform such as electronic health records (EHR) collects all related demographic and medical data including lab tests, clinical data, diagnoses, medical conditions, and allergy information. Having such data facilitates and supports healthcare practitioners to provide quality care. Healthcare analytics can assist physicians to make a better decision and also provide personalized care.

Improve operational efficiency

The importance of big data in healthcare is highlighted by the fact that healthcare companies use it as part of their business intelligence strategy. For instance, by examining historical patient admission rates and analyzing staff efficiency, healthcare facilities can optimally allocate healthcare personnel to a particular shift without having to overstaff or understaff. Predictive analytics is vital to achieving the goal of providing better care and cutting down on healthcare cost simultaneously. Additionally, it can also reduce medication errors, financial and administrative performance, and reduce readmissions.

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