Top 5 Benefits of Using Web Analytics Tools

Aug 6, 2018

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Today, for any business to analyze its digital presence, web analytics tools have become very important. It helps measure various things like the number of visitors, the source of visitors, page views, and analyze their action on the website. So, it has become very important for digital marketers to analyze the reports generated by several web analytics tools to make the required changes in the strategy and take immediate actions for better and improved outcomes. 

What is Web Analytics?

In layman terms, web analytics helps businesses to determine the interest of the market, market segmentation, target audience, understand market trends, and analyze the behavior of the visitors on their website. Web analytics tools also help understand the interest of the visitors and their preferences.  

According to Quantzig’s web analytics experts, “The data gathered equips businesses with the ability to decide what’s working and where there is scope for improvement.”

Benefits of Using Web Analytics Tools

1. Analyze the Traffic of Websites

Traffic is the most fundamental metric to judge the performance of any website. It is very easy to track traffic to your website through various web analytics tools. A good figure of traffic to any website indicates its growth; whereas, less traffic is an indication of the stagnation or decline of the website. It helps in strategizing the marketing campaigns accordingly. Also, web analytics tools help track the repetitive, unique, and return visitors. If the number of repeat visitors is more, then it indicates that your website is successful in retaining visitors but isn’t doing well when it comes to attracting new visitors. This can further help in building new strategies to fetch attention of new eyes to your website.

2. Ascertain the Source of Traffic

To know the source of where your website is fetching traffic is one of the very important factors to improve your website’s performance. Web analytics tools help in breaking traffic into categories like organic, referral, social, and direct. Organic is driven through a search engine and this helps you to understand the ranking of your website in the search engine. Referral traffic comes from another website, which is either linked to your content or you have written a guest post on their website. Social traffic comes from various social media platforms through your posts that have been shared. This helps in understanding how engaging your posts on social networks are. Last but not least, is direct traffic, which helps you identify how many people are directly typing the name of your website in their browser and landing on the page of your website. This is an indicator of the loyal following of your website.

3. Bounce Rate Tracking

Web analytics tools help you understand how many visitors are leaving your website immediately after arriving. Lower bounce rate indicates that your website is able to engage and engage the visitors for a longer time. Bounce rate is different for different pages like landing pages and blogs. There are various reasons for high bounce rate like slow loading of your website pages, inappropriate keywords, broken links, inappropriate content, and many more.

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4. Inspect Conversion Rate

Web analytics tools offer another very important benefit, which is the conversion rate. It is the conversion rate that helps you understand and analyze how well your website encourages the visitors to perform the desired action. Web analytics tools also help in tracking the change in conversion rate with time. Conversion rate has a direct impact on the profit of your business and is, therefore, an important factor for the success of your website.

5. Top Performing Pages

Web analytics tools have another benefit, which is to help you understand the performance of various pages of your website. Through web analytics tools, you can easily analyze the pages that are performing well and drive traffic to your website. It also gives you real-world data and helps you understand the interest of your audience. When you know which content on your website is engaging most audiences then the next step of producing more content of it becomes very easy.

To fetch maximum benefit from the web analytics tools, it is very important to understand various web analytics metrics on which it works.

Web Analytics Metrics 

Here is the list of web analytics metrics to assess your website performance and make the required changes in the strategy if and when needed.

  • Page views
  • Duration of session
  • Unique and new visitors
  • Repeat and return visitors
  • Click through rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Rate of conversion

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Web Analytics Tools

Understanding the visitors to your website can be a confusing task. Every visitor brings his or her own set of input which is very important to analyze and report. If your understanding of your requirement is not clear, it would make you feel like handling a Rubik’s cube. But, with web analytics tools, you can generate a full-fledged easy-to-understand report from all the collected information that can further help you in optimizing your website in a much better way. Web analytics tools are very impactful weapons to make necessary changes in the marketing strategy and, thus, make your business profitable. Here is a list of some best performing web analytics tools.

Google analytics

It is by far the best free tool available for web analytics. It helps to target the most suitable audiences through the best performing keywords. It also generates easy-to-understand reports to help you improve your business perfectly.


Woopra has one very important benefit that it offers real-time analytics tracking, unlike Google Analytics which takes hours to update.

Spring Metrics

It also gives real-time analytics tracking and unlike Google analytics tracks path of a visitor from her landing to leaving time. It is free for the first 14 days.

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It is another web analytics tool that facilitates you to track visitor’s movement throughout your website and helps you to understand the change in their behavior over time.


It offers real-time analytics with additional Spy View that can tell you the current activity of the visitors on your site.

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