Is Big Data Analytics Marking Its Territory in The Telecom Industry?

Nov 12, 2017

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Big data analytics is everywhere today, and all the hype surrounding this breakthrough technology is compelling players from various industries to explore the utility of big data analytics for their businesses. Considering the enormous amount of customer data available, the telecom industry is not far behind in utilizing big data analytics to enhance their customer experience.

As far as the customers are concerned, big data analytics brings faster results, predictive power, and new depth to analytics. Telecom companies can enhance customer experience by incorporation big data analytics in the following manner:

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Advantages of Adopting Big Data Analytics in the Telecom Industry

Big data analytics is playing a key role in transforming the face of the telecom industry. Companies in the telecom industry can reap several benefits by incorporating big data analytics into their business.

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Be Prepared for Future Demands

Big data enables businesses to use available data in their network in order to remain scalable, optimized, and robust. The examination of user behavior helps the companies in the telecom industry to understand how to deliver the media content to the customer in an enhanced manner.

Measure Customer Experience

With the help of big data analytics, the telecom industry can establish customer-centric KPIs which enables them to get a detailed idea about customer experience. Furthermore, network data and social media information make it easier for companies to understand the customer experience.

Identify Fraud

Telecom companies can leverage big data analytics to analyze call records in real-time, which helps to identify fraud immediately. This helps telecom companies to make their network more secure.

Marketing Campaigns

Telecom companies can use the user data available to target specific marketing campaigns. Key players in the telecom industry can segment their customers based on different demographics and customize campaigns based on these attributes to garner better customer responses.

Facilitates innovation

Telecom companies can observe the real-time usage patterns and customer behavior data through big data analytics, which will help them to formulate new product or service innovations for their customers.

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