Big Data in Banking: Transforming Business Operations Significantly

Mar 11, 2019

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Companies in the banking sector are working hard today to adopt a data-driven approach to enhance their customer service and expand business operations. But the main challenge lies in the fact that banking companies are disrupted by the immense volume of data assets and the increase in the volume of customers. This is affecting the levels of services offered by banking companies dramatically. This is where big data in banking can play a crucial role in game-changer for banking companies.

As the importance of big data in banking continues to grow, companies in the banking and financial services sector have realized that they can use data to track the behavior of customers in real-time. This real-time analysis can enhance the overall profitability and performance of the companies. Consequently, this can boost the growth of companies in the forthcoming cycle.

We, at Quantzig, understand the significant opportunities that companies can unveil by understanding the role of big data in banking. And to help companies excel in the competitive landscape, our team of experts have explained in detail about how big data in banking can act as a catalyst in the process of churning growth. Also, they have highlighted the ways in which big data in banking can guide in simplifying the process of monitoring, improving customer service, and optimizing business operations.

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Benefits of Big Data in Banking

1: Improves Customer Experience

Customers today have high expectations while they interact with their banks and credit companies. This makes it essential to focus on the needs of the customers and understand their complex buying journey. Big data in banking can help banking companies to gain a 360-degree view of customer journeys. It provides a central data hub combining customer’s interaction with the company, transaction history, his personal data, preferred service, etc. These insights provided by big data analytics can help in customer segmentation and thus, serving customers better and building a customer-centric culture in the organization to enhance customer service significantly.

2: Optimizes Business Operations

Big data analytics has the potential to enhance the forecasting power of risk models. This can effectively improve the response time and effectiveness of the system. Also, it provides extensive coverage of the risk and automates the process to increase cost savings. Furthermore, this helps in optimizing business operations effectively.

3: Enhances Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the important aspects of any business operation. Application of big data in banking also helps to analyze, enhance, track, and share performance metrics of the bank employees. Furthermore, big data in banking helps in identifying and acknowledging the employees who are performing as well as the employees who are struggling and unhappy.

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4: Helps in Identifying Transaction Channels

Big data in banking helps banks to understand their customers and their behaviors if they withdraw all the sum available in cash or by debit or credit card. This way the customers who use debit or credit cards can be approached with lucrative offers of investments.

5: Facilitates Cross-selling of Products

It is always better to offer a better return on interest to customers to encourage them to spend actively. Big data in banking helps in a precise analysis of the financial backgrounds of the customers. This ensures the cross-selling of auxiliary products and engages the customers with more personalized offers.

6: Manages and Prevents Fraud

Leveraging advanced analytics and big data in banking can help banks to understand an individual’s spending pattern which further helps in risk assessment if something suspicious happens. If a customer withdraws all his money from his account via a debit card, this might raise an alarm. Big data in banking can help significantly in assessing risk and preventing fraudulent activities.

7: Aids in Understanding Customer Spending Patterns

Banking and financial services companies have easy access to the historical data of their customers and their spending patterns. Leveraging big data in banking can help bank employees to apply a variety of filters like macroeconomic conditions to understand the patterns of growth in the salary of the customers. This can be considered as one of the crucial factors for evaluation of mortgage, loan screening, cross-selling of products, and risk assessment.

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How Can Big Data in Banking Help Improve ROI?

1: By Embedding Big Data Analytics into Decision-making

Senior managers at banks acknowledge the power of big data in banking but they often do not know how to leverage it for better decision making. Though such an approach fails to support data-driven decision making this is where leveraging big data analytics can help.

2: By Aligning Analytics Priorities to Strategic Activities

The majority of the banks struggle to connect analytics with their business strategy and this is a big drawback. But using big data in banking can help in risk mitigation, the innovation of new and better services, and serve the customers in a much better way. Furthermore, this can help in improving annual revenues.

3: By Investing in Important Analytics Roles

Today banks also need to expand their analytical vision and banks can do this by expanding their analytics team. Investing in data scientists and machine-learning engineers can make the task much easy. Furthermore, this can also help in solving business problems easily.

Why Quantzig?

Banking and financial services companies globally have been the first ones to adopt new technologies for enhancing their security and operations. We offer big data analytics services to banking companies to channelize their huge volumes of data and generate real-time visibility. Also, we have helped companies to make data-driven decisions faster and smarter through our customized analytics solutions. Our analytics solutions have helped leading banking and financial services companies in ensuring complete safety across all transactions and have reduced their exposure to risks significantly.

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