Top 3 Applications of Big Data in Marketing That You Should Know About

Sep 19, 2018

Today, the amount of data that is being generated is increasing exponentially. This exponential increase in the data offers both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers. The question of “how to harness and process huge data in lesser time and more innovative ways to deliver detailed insights and enhanced business performance?” can be answered with the aid of big data. Applications of big data in marketing are changing the marketing landscape. With rapid advancements in technology, applications of big data in marketing have become very rampant. Big data coupled with artificial learning helps the marketers to understand the market, modify strategies, and improve decision making in a much better way. Applications of big data in marketing give sufficient insights to explore and analyze market trends, customers’ behavior, and competitor’s strategies. So, now let’s see what the common applications of big data in marketing are, which would help marketers to make wiser and better decisions.

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Applications of Big Data in Marketing

#1. Enhanced Planning and Forecasting

Applications of big data in marketing enable marketers to increase the range and volume of sources of information while enabling real-time forecasting, speeding up reporting, and better decision making. This, in turn, helps marketers to understand how to increase ROI and what to change in the ongoing campaigns. Applications of big data in marketing provide powerful algorithms that help in reacting to changing market conditions. This can further help marketers to improve marketing operations through accurate forecasting.

#2. Better Audience Targeting

When it comes to online marketing, marketers benefit from the availability of a huge amount of targeting options. Applications of big data in marketing provide the ability to tap the geographic and demographic information. This information helps in intelligent targeting.  Also, many companies are searching for ways to measure cross-channel behavior for making the integration of campaigns easier, both offline and online.

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#3. Optimizing Campaigns in Real-Time

Applications of big data in marketing allow marketers to optimize their campaigns and improve performance and results in real-time. Big data helps in computing several variables which are difficult for the human brain to compute. Big data technology like algorithmic decision processes is very helpful in optimizing campaigns in a real-time and scalable manner.

Big data in marketing can transform marketing as a discipline by offering the ability to understand customers better, in real-time and on a large scale. Like any new technology that aims at changing the status quo, marketers need to understand it in detail before implementing it.

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