A Comprehensive Guide to Mobile Analytics

Apr 23, 2019

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What is Mobile Analytics?

Mobile analytics refers to the approach that helps to capture the details of customers’ experience within a mobile app or website. It helps in collecting data on the user’s response to marketing campaigns and advertising. Also, it focuses on key metrics like time spent mobile app and events triggered. By leveraging mobile analytics solutions marketers can understand their users, perform better A/B tests, and gauge the impact of lifecycle campaigns. This can further help marketers in optimizing campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Mobile analytics services facilitate higher retention rates and improved conversions which come as a result of smart campaign decisions based on mobile analytics.

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What are the Different Types of Mobile Analytics?

Mobile Web Analytics

Mobile web analytics focuses on mobile device users. Mobile web analytics generally focuses on mobile visitors to the regular site as well as visitors to a mobile version of your site. Mobile app analytics offers an overview of the types of devices people use along with the bounce rate and the number of new and returning visitors. Also, mobile web analytics provides finer details such as visitors’ behavior, referrals, advertising, social sharing, conversions and much more. Like traditional analytics techniques, this type of mobile analytics also gives information on the source of your visitors, their engagement level with your contents and the highly viewed content.

Mobile App Analytics

Mobile app analytics is another type of mobile analytics that tracks the activity on mobile apps. The number of your mobile app downloads can gratify you but what happens after the download is what actually matters. Mobile app analytics can help you find out how usable is your app and whether any specific experience forced the users to uninstall it. This type of mobile analytics helps in customer acquisition, retention, referral and improving revenue significantly. Mobile analytics enables the company to track conversion funnels and engagement rate that can help to improve mobile applications even better.

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Why Do Companies Use Mobile Analytics?

Today smartphones are becoming the most preferred portal for the digitally empowered customers. Customers spend most of their time on mobile devices which offers a better opportunity for companies to reach their customers. Mobile analytics offers a helping hand to companies in understanding and analyzing their customers. This answers the question-why do companies use mobile analytics? Companies use mobile analytics platforms to stay ahead of the curve and build mobile experiences that stand out. Mobile analytics tools aid companies to understand their campaigns’ performance and whether users end up purchasing.

With the data that mobile analytics solutions provide companies can effectively create positive feedback loops. Also, with the help of mobile analytics performance analytics, companies can A/B test the impact of any changes made in the mobile app upon their audience. Based on users’ responses, companies can make further changes to yield better insights and serve user’s needs effectively.

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What are the Important Mobile Analytics Metrics?

1. Active Users

This metric helps to segment customers based on their behaviour on the mobile app and devise a smart strategy in order to retain them in the application. Also, the metric of active users helps to understand the usability of the mobile application and further helps in personalizing the services to make users feel cared and special. Also, this brings brand loyalty.

2. Application Usage

Have you analyzed in which screen do you lose most of your users? For companies, it is very critical to understand and analyze the flow of navigation within the mobile application. It allows knowing why users abandon your app and in which screens. Also, companies can gain actionable insights into issues concerning churn and retention by analyzing the usage of mobile applications.

3. Customer Acquisition cost (CAC)

Mobile analytics help companies to know the costs involved in customer acquisition which further helps in calculating how much they can spend on campaigning. CAC can help companies determine their profitability from a particular application and optimize their returns on advertising investments.

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