Customer Journey Mapping: A Beginners’ Guide by Quantzig

Jul 5, 2019

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What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping is the approach that helps companies to step into their customer’s shoes and assess their business from the customer’s perspective. In order to improve your customers’ experience, it’s important to think like your customer. This can help in understanding their point of view and be mindful of them at every step of their journey with you. Customer journey mapping offers actionable insights into common pain points of customers, ways to improve the customer experience, and helps in identifying potential customers. By using customer journey maps, businesses can document the end-to-end customer experience by collecting comprehensive customer data and information for customer journey decision-making. Also, customer journey maps offer a multilayered understanding of customers and their choices in a contextual setting. This can, further, help businesses improve their marketing strategies in a way that reflects the reality of consumer decision making.

Why is Customer Journey Mapping Important?

With the burgeoning economy and technological developments, there is an expansion of innovative business models to meet new customer demands and new market opportunities. Customer journey mapping helps businesses to understand and provide what customers want as opposed to assuming their needs. This includes identifying the customer’s first potential touchpoint through a detailed customer-centric shopper journey analysis and then using these touchpoints to plan and maintain a long-term customer relationship. Customer journey mapping also helps in identifying whether the customer journey is in a logical order and gives a better perspective on the company’s sales process. Additionally, customer journey mapping aids in highlighting development priorities and allows businesses to concentrate efforts and expenditure on what matters most to maximize the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

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Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

Understand your Customers Better

Customer journey mapping aims at analyzing customers’ behavior at every point of interaction. By gaining detailed insights into how each touchpoint affects customer experience across the entire business, decisions can be made from an empathetic perspective. Customer journey mapping can help companies to get into the shoes of customers and consider all the factors that have the potential to affect customers’ decisions.

Identify Operational Inefficiencies

Customer journey mapping helps in visualizing how each interaction combines to create the overall experience. This can, further, help in identifying inefficiencies and opportunities for innovation to improve the customer experience. Additionally, by using customer journey models, companies can identify different factors such as the frequency and duration of each touchpoint, points of failure or bad experiences, and levels of satisfaction at each touchpoint. Eliminating these inefficiencies not only helps improve customer experiences but also lays a foundation for determining the cost at each touchpoint.

Discover Opportunities

The ultimate goal of customer journey mapping is not just to maximize profit but also to offer a clear direction on future opportunities. Customer journey analysis allows marketers to use tools and graphic visualizations to illustrate the entire customer journey or focus on a particular line of business, product or service, or path to purchase. Furthermore, this helps in uncovering opportunities for engaging customers at key pain points through content creation, brand interactions, and exposure.

Improve Customer and Employee Satisfaction

If a company is able to satisfy customers at each of the touchpoints, customer loyalty naturally increases. The technique of customer journey mapping helps in improving communications and this increases the confidence level of employees too. During the process of customer journey mapping, employees gain a better understanding of organizational goals and practices that further helps in improving the efficiency of their performance. Customer journey maps enable brands to connect with their customers on an emotional level to provide optimum experiences in a proactive manner.

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