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Aug 23, 2019

Given the explosion of data sets in today’s hyper-connected world, we believe that the traditional cybersecurity methods and siloed data management tools are not efficient enough to meet the ever-evolving needs for data security. To tackle cyber threats businesses must leverage advanced analytics methodologies and cyber analytics tools to keep pace with the evolving market needs. Which means businesses across industries must consider leveraging big data, along with cloud and streaming architecture paradigms in conjunction with AI-powered analytics and cyber analytics to gain predictive insights and improve their threat detection capability.

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Three Major Cyber Security Challenges Faced by Businesses Today

Inefficient cyber analytics methodologies that fail to keep up with the evolving needs of businesses

The proliferation of connected devices and advanced technologies have made it crucial for businesses to adopt robust cybersecurity models to efficiently manage and maintain the integrity of data generated from such devices. The growing popularity of embedded sensors, mobile devices, and cloud infrastructures has further prompted organizations to employ cyber analytics to address the new threat vectors arising due to inefficient methodologies.

Chatbots do more harm than good

Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics are the main factors that drive change in today’s business landscape. However, hackers are reinventing malicious algorithms to hack and access business data. This adds to burgeoning problems with traditional security tools that rely on human intervention and manual investigations and don’t always provide 360-degree cyber protection.

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Siloed data management systems

The use of obsolete data management systems such as Syslog servers and log managers generally gives rise to a siloed system with much noise and less clarity. Such data management systems fail to offer a holistic view of the business landscape and are not efficient enough to keep up with the evolving business needs. This means to successfully handle huge volumes of data businesses must leverage advanced cyber analytics solutions to integrate data, detect cyber threats, and to radically increase insights generation and response.

cyber analytics

Benefits of Cyber Analytics

Cyber analytics helps businesses in several ways a few are listed below:

Integrate and manage data

Cyber analytics helps improve the ability of businesses to detect and thwart potential cyber threats by integrating data from disparate sources to offer insights into potential threats.

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Improve forensic capabilities

Cyber analytics is crucial when it comes to investigating data breach incidents. The use of cyber analytics tools can help businesses to identify the reasons and analyze the origin of threats. Also, by incorporating advanced analytics such as deep learning and AI-based cyber analytics tools, it is now possible to identify and isolate anomalous user behavior when compared with past behavioral patterns and current role privileges

Comply with data management rules

Leveraging an advanced AI-driven cyber analytics platform helps businesses to analyze data sets and correlate threat patterns on massive volumes of disparate data, which introduces opportunities for advanced cybersecurity without business disruption.

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In the current business environments, it’s not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ a data breach is bound to happen. While it’s essential for business leaders to continuously refine and improve the efficiency of their security protocols, it’s also imperative to leverage advanced cyber analytics solutions and deploy robust data management systems. To do so, businesses must leverage cyber analytics tools and machine learning algorithms to integrate and analyze data for expedited threat handling.

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