Gaming is no More a Child’s Play: How Data Analytics is Transforming the Gaming Industry

Nov 14, 2017

Video Game Industry

About two decades ago, if you asked somebody about their most favorite ‘Video game’ (as it was popularly known), the most cliché answer would be “Super-Mario.” Today, if you were to ask the same question, you would get a plethora of answers, and most importantly from a wider age group of audience. This speaks volumes about how the gaming industry has evolved over the years. According to Technavio’s report on gaming,  “Vendors are incorporating sophisticated techniques in their games to trigger the intelligence and maturity of gamers, making them more interactive.” Many players in the gaming industry are also resorting to advanced techniques such as data analytics to create a more superior user experience.

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How Does the Gaming Industry Benefit from Data Analytics?

Wonder how the gaming industry is going to benefit from data analytics? Here is how:

User Engagement

With the help of various data analytics techniques such as behavioral analytics and engagement analytics, gaming companies can understand the mindset and usage patterns of their users, helping them to build better features and interface to keep the users glued to the gaming screen.


The marketing experts are leaving no stone unturned and no path unexplored to reach out to their customers. With such an enormous chunk of the population spending a significant amount of time in gaming, many brands are spending huge amounts of money understanding their target gaming audience.

Metrics Used for Data Analytics in Gaming

Here is the list of some of the matrices that facilitate data analytics of user data available to the gaming industry:

  • Time Metrics – This metrics depicts the average daily time spent by users, the count of users per day/week, churn out ratio per week/month, etc.
  • Involvement Metrics – This metrics helps to understand the number of users making in-app purchases, qualifying for certain levels, the change in engagement levels after a certain stage in the game, sharing of achievements on social media, etc.
  • Revenue Metrics – Using the revenue metrics, companies can understand the cost incurred to acquire a new user, daily/weekly/monthly revenues, gaps in revenue between different time periods, etc. This will help companies incorporate necessary changes in their revenue models.
  • Event Metrics –  Understanding these metrics is very important to assess the reaction of customers concerning certain events in the game, and are highly useful in expanding the customer base. For example, observing the churn rate due to or after a particular event in the game and making necessary changes can keep the users more engaged.

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