Demand and Supply Planning: 5 Action Points for Demand and Supply Planners to Succeed in the Post-COVID Era

Jul 17, 2020

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The growing complexities of IT supply chains, coupled with the crisis-induced challenges, have transformed the IT industry into one in which traditional demand and supply planning practices can no longer help sustain vulnerabilities or respond to dynamic market conditions. Also, the exponential growth in multiple data sources within the IT industry has necessitated an end-to-end supply chain redesign across all verticals.

The rapid influx of data along with the need to adopt a more sophisticated demand and supply planning approach is further amplified with developments in the field of AI and analytics, empowering businesses to analyze the market and execute more intelligent workflows and strategies. According to our experts, these technological disruptions have played an instrumental role in the demand and supply planning transformation efforts of enterprises across the globe. As a result, leading businesses are now capitalizing on new opportunities to become more demand-driven in their approach to demand and supply planning.

This article, by Quantzig, sheds light on the need to focus on demand planning optimization, demand and supply planning challenges, its impact on IT supply chains, and critical business benefits.

Supply Chain Management Begins with Demand and Supply Planning

Given the dynamism within the IT sector, businesses need a more comprehensive demand planning and forecasting framework. Also, since it plays an integral role in processes like supply chain management (SCM), the focus on demand and supply planning has now increased globally. By making use of industry-leading solutions to develop accurate demand and supply planning strategies, companies can gain insights into business-critical functions like customer relationship management and supplier relationship management, both of which are critical links within the supply chain.

Get in touch with our demand and supply forecasting experts to gain detailed insights into factors impacting your supply chain network.

Benefits of Deploying a Strategic Approach to Demand and Supply Planning

  • Reduce stock-outs by improving in-stock availability
  • Analyze demand swings and build effective strategies to manage growth
  • Build cohesive supplier relationships and gain greater visibility into processes.
  • Better assortment and allocation across all channels
  • Improve productivity of planners across all tiers of supply chain

Five Action Points to thrive in the ‘New Normal’

  • Identify factors driving future demand planning and optimization
  • Analyze the dynamism in IT supply chains
  • Restructure demand and supply planning processes
  • Prepare data for the recovery phase
  • Redesign product portfolios

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Why Choose Quantzig?

Quantzig is a leading analytics solutions provider specializing in several analytics domains, including digital analytics, pricing analytics, manufacturing analytics, and supply chain analytics. We collaborate with clients from different sectors to help them identify opportunities, tackle disruptions, and transform end-to-end business processes. Through our advanced analytics solutions, we combine deep analytical insights with the dynamics of the markets and work closely with clients enabling them to make the most of their analytical investments by driving positive outcomes, building sustainable processes, and securing lasting results.

What makes our offerings unique, you ask? Unlike the others, our approach to developing accurate demand plans enable businesses to reprioritize supply chain processes based on changes within the internal and external business environment. Our supply and demand planning optimization solutions also align demand with market fluctuations and a host of other factors that play a crucial role in neutralizing the impact of out-of-stocks.

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