Biggest Digital Advertising Trends: Top Picks of 2018

Jan 12, 2018

digital advertising trends

With the majority of audiences’ eyes glued to their phones or other digital devices most of the time, advertisers have been increasingly depending on digital channels over the past few years to generate higher revenues. A large number of online platforms that target a broader audience group are luring digital marketers to identify innovative methods to grab their attention. Though the mounting competition online might look discouraging, the ability of online channels to make advertisements more effective cannot be ruled out. Also, latest technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the blockchain technology have just opened up new avenues for advertisers to experiment with the most recent digital advertising trends.

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Here is our pick of the top digital advertising trends that can turn tables for digital marketers and advertisers in 2018: 

Omni-channel Marketing

The convenience of the internet has enabled customers to make purchases at the click of a button. What makes it even better is the fact that customers have the ability to choose from different vendors and sellers. The growing popularity of online shopping compared to the brick-and-mortar models of doing business is good news for digital advertisers. Advertisers can now leverage the latest advertising trends to lure potential customers online. However, customers today use different digital devices to access the internet like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Therefore, it is essential for companies to identify the most viable digital advertising trends for each channel to grab customers’ attention. This means that the content that might work on a larger screen like a desktop or laptop might not have the same impact on a mobile phone user. Therefore, the content should be altered to look attractive in different screen sizes.

Augmented Reality in Making a More Profound Impact

Augmented reality has already made its mark in the entertainment industry. Imagine the impact it could make for a customer who could see how a couch would look in their living room without having to walk into the store. It would not only save the customer’s time and effort but would also stop them from making a wrong purchase decision. With the roll-out of Apple AR kit and Google lens, there are significant possibilities of brands using them as a tool for advertising in the coming years. If done correctly, this could be one of the most break-through digital advertising trends this year.

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Video Advertising

Video advertising campaigns have been one of the most successful digital advertising trends of 2017. With the demand for video advertising skyrocketing at an incredible rate, this trend is expected to grow in the coming years as well. In a bid to drive social engagement and increase usage, social media giants such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are widely encouraging the circulation of video content on their platforms.


The consumers’ expectations from brands are increasing; therefore, to cater to these changing requirements, companies must continuously re-model themselves. Recent studies have shown that personalized digital advertisements have a higher conversion rate compared to a general advertising campaign, making it one of the most sought-after digital advertising trends today. Brands are using the power of personalization in their online marketing strategies using automation to segment people based on interest, behavior, and demographics.

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