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Jul 8, 2020

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The emergence of advanced digital transformation solutions and the rapidly changing global business landscape are pressurizing e-learning companies to re-assess their growth management initiatives and digital enablement strategies. But this is not as easy as it may seem, and businesses must skillfully navigate through complexities to be successful in their digital transformation initiatives.

To do so, e-learning companies require a unique mix of skills, tools, and rapid access and digital transformation solutions that match the pace of technological evolution. Though cloud technologies have arguably been the single largest factor to influence major changes in the e-learning industry, the advent of social media, the promise of big data, the evolution of AI & ML, and the popularity of IoT all have had a significant role to play in influencing digital transformation initiatives across industries, especially the e-learning industry.

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Why Rapid Access and Digitalization is Imperative in the E-learning Industry

In the current scenario, educational institutions in over 185 countries have been forced to adopt online teaching methodologies to continue operations amid the ongoing pandemic crisis. Though some educational institutions have a good online presence and a repository of assets, a majority of these organizations lack an organized approach to collect, store, and analyze digital educational assets.

Given the complexities, we believe digitization and rapid access will be the top agenda for e-learning companies over the next few months. With capabilities that span across key areas including the development of web-based digital enablement solutions, automation of data management platforms, creating of format conversation approaches, and data aggregation engines, Quantzig is at the forefront of enabling digitalization for e-learning companies to facilitate better knowledge transfer and improve experiences for both the students and teachers.

Let’s explore a few reasons why rapid access and digital enablement are crucial:

  • With focus shifting towards online learning platforms, there is a growing need to digitalize online learning using advanced digital transformation solutions
  • The need to build a centralized data repository for storing, creating, editing and disseminating the educational material using a single interface
  • The growing need to design and develop centralized examination portals that enable students to follow a hassle-free process to take up exams

Our digital transformation solutions can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization, get in touch with an expert to know more.

How Digital Transformation Solutions Can Help Tackle the Challenges Facing the E-learning Industry

COVID-19’s human impact, along with the ongoing disruptions, has led to the closure of educational institutions globally, resulting in the widespread adoption of online learning platforms. The frantic rush of transitioning from in-person to e-learning amid the crisis has shed light on new opportunities and challenges facing the e-learning sector, a few of which are listed below.

1. Digital Repository Creation

With in-depth capabilities in developing web-based platforms and customized digital transformation solutions, Quantzig is at the cutting-edge of enabling digitalization for organizations to drive knowledge transfer & improve the experience for both teachers and students.

2. Ensuring Quality of Education

Quantzig’s rapid access and digital transformation solutions ensure the integration of tools and user interfaces with analytical database engines at the backend to enable streamlined updates across the entire system.

3. Enabling Web-Based Support

We offer digital transformation solutions to develop a consistent feedback loop that enables precise and accurate curriculum planning to drive maximum return on your investments.

Digitizing data management can help you streamline your processes and update, store, and distribute information in an organized manner. Request a free demo to learn how our digital transformation solutions have helped leading e-learning companies to do so.

Quantzig’s Value Proposition

While the whole world is struggling to flatten the curve, the e-learning industry is preparing to evolve and modify itself to meet the dynamic requirements. This abrupt move to remote learning has forced educational institutions to harness the power of digital transformation services to make better decisions. Partnering with us can help you achieve measurable positive outcomes by piloting novel approaches and leveraging digital transformation solutions that are proven to drive measurable outcomes within a short time span.

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