Why End to End Supply Chain Visibility is Still a Major Concern for Retailers

Jul 21, 2020

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In the new normal, retailers are poised to witness massive pressures to optimize operations and deliver seamless services via multiple channels. But the predominant omnichannel environment within retail has made collaboration, optimization, and the management of end to end supply chain visibility a major challenge for global retailers.

To tackle these challenges, retail companies involved in the production, movement, and sale of physical goods must begin by organizing their increasingly complex global supply chains to meet the increasing demand via online channels. While gaining real-time end to end supply chain visibility might not sound like an easy task, it is a necessary evil that plays an active role in helping retailers adapt to the evolving supply chain dynamics and mitigate disruptions.

Having played an active role in supporting the supply chain decisions of the most innovative and successful retail businesses, we hold a proven track record of running world-class global supply chains. Speak with our supply chain analytics experts to learn more about our engagements.

Here are the top four challenges that are driven by the lack of end to end supply chain visibility in retail.

Our ability to evolve and improve our offerings helps organizations to address their most complex, pressing retail supply chain challenges right from logistics optimization to operations management. Request a proposal to learn more about supply chain visibility analytics.

Analyzing the Growing Importance of Supply Chain Visibility in Retail

As retail supply chains grow more sophisticated, lead times are becoming a matter of grave concern. Moreover, the convergence of physical and digital platforms has made it practically possible to track and monitor events in real-time. The advancements in sensor technology have also made it possible for objects to communicate and collaborate directly with minimal to zero human intervention. With so much embedded intelligence and new opportunities are driven by technology, supply chain visibility has now progressed from being a decision support tool to decision delegation and a core predictive capability. As retailers begin to adapt to the new normal, we are poised to witness the emergence of a unique, smarter supply chain with three core characteristics- streamlined, interconnected, and intelligent.

  • Factors influencing the need to improve end to end supply chain visibility in retail
  • Expansion of retail operations and the need to comply with regulations
  • The need to allocate and proactively manage inventory held at various stages in the supply chain
  • Rising stakeholder demand for accuracy and timeliness of inbound and outbound shipment events
  • Growing concerns around supply chain operations management, speed, and accuracy
  • The business mandate to enhance cost efficiency by reducing supply chain execution costs

Quantzig’s end to end supply chain visibility solutions support inbound logistics, distribution, returns capabilities in ways that enhance inventory management, reduce total operating costs, and improve cycle times. Request a FREE demo for detailed insights on how supply chain visibility benefits an organization.

What Sets Us Apart?

At Quantzig, we understand that providing multi-channel delivery while ensuring consistent customer experiences is crucial for retailers in the current business setting. To help our clients from the retail sector address this issue, we provide secure, sustainable, real-time end to end supply chain visibility solutions that empower them to expand their global footprint and reach every market that matters, both now and in the future.

Our end to end supply chain visibility solutions for retail cover various aspects of supply chain operations management, including:

  • Distribution center and freight analysis
  • Logistics and transportation analytics
  • Demand and sales forecasting

Ready to Harness Game-Changing Insights?

Request a free solution pilot to know how we can help you derive intelligent, actionable insights from complex, unstructured data with minimum effort to drive competitive readiness, market excellence, and success.

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