Essential Digital Analytics KPIs to Assess Website Performance

Jul 23, 2017

A digital analytics based approach and strategy planning entails high complexity levels, large amount of information, and data analytics. But contrary to the prevailing belief, digital analytics is essential for a business to reach out to their customer base and cater to their needs, thereby driving sales and positively impacting the bottom line. There are several digital analytics companies present in the market that offer a wide range of business intelligence solutions to help companies achieve success. However, the key to successfully leveraging digital analytics is to slow down and see what works best for the organization.

Before devising a digital analytics strategy, the management must answer the following questions:

  • What data is valuable to the business?
  • Why is the business using digital and web analytics solutions? What are the objectives and goals?
  • Which analytics tools and solutions will we use?
  • What are the KPIs and metrics to measure the performance?

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Digital Analytics and Essential KPIs

To leverage the benefits of digital analytics, the organization needs to drive traffic to their website or platform. With the help of digital analytics, the organization can determine the profitable and successful entry touchpoints that drive traffic. This will assist them in devising marketing strategies and plans to optimize these touchpoints. Once this is done, the management professionals must take into account the following KPIs and metrics to ensure success.

  • Tracking the bounce rate of the landing pages, analyzing, and identifying pages that prompt visitors to leave the website. Redesigning these pages will assist in driving customer engagement and drive them to browse through other sections
  • Identifying the browsing sequence will help in building user-friendly, optimized and easy navigation pathways and thereby enhancing customer experience
  • Build SEO friendly pages by ensuring the content is search engine optimized to attract traffic to your website by building links from those pages that generate high traffic for your business
  • Reducing the load time of the pages to ensure a standard level of performance by making decisions regarding content, coding, hosting, and website server power among others
  • Identify the device or platform used by your visitors to access your website and taking into account their browser settings, device models, brands, etc. to optimize your pages to deliver high value and enhance the user experience

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