Five Customer Analytics Platforms for Food Industry Companies

Jan 20, 2018

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The food industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Taking inspiration from the success of various other industries, players in the food industry have started leveraging advanced data analytics technologies for improvising their business strategies. Loyalty programs and feedback forms have given restaurants access to vital customer information. They can leverage this data for customer analytics to get a better understanding of the taste and preferences of their customers. Customer analytics solutions help companies in the food industry to know who their frequent customers are, what are the items that they regularly order, what kind of payment methods do they usually opt for, etc. This information allows players in the food industry to generate highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Here is a list of platforms that food industry players can use for optimizing their sales and services:


Venga is a platform that aims to drive repeat sales and personalized services with the help of data from POS and the reservation systems. The data that is generated through various platforms such as an open table, integrated marketing solutions, and guest feedback platforms such as Facebook and Yelp are channeled into the POS and used for generating guest-specific customer analytics. Venga specializes in sharing customer information across different branches of the restaurant. They also have proficiency in making targeted e-mail communications extremely efficient.

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Upserve was earlier known by the name Swipley. The company helps food industry clients to optimize their business and undertake customer analytics using the data collected from POS, inventory, accounting, and other business systems. They offer single or multi-unit restaurants a real-time dashboard, which includes data about sales and labor performance. With the help of Upserve, managers in restaurants can make a comprehensive comparison of the real-time performance across multiple units.


Fishbowl’s customer analytics solutions aim to help the food industry clients drive predictable sales and profitability by leveraging information from sources such as loyalty member databases or e-mail campaigns. Food industry clients can predict the dining behavior of the customers with the help of past transactions or engagement details. Fishbowl also helps restaurants to track the actual value of their loyalty programs and determine the effectiveness of their offers and discounts.

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PosIQ is a data and customer analytics solution that helps food industry comapnies to engage with customers using targeted messages and products. They are fully integrated to the existing POS solutions and associates individual guests to transactions. Using this platform, players in the food industry can track customer engagements through reservations, credit cards, check-ins, etc. It also helps customers to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by tracking customer response and the money spent.

Guest Manager

The main aim of GuestManager is to deepen the relationship between the managers and waiters at a restaurant with the customers. Using this platform, the diner can enter the guest’s contact details on the app, and the guest, in turn, receives a text message on their phone confirming their position on the waiting list. It then prompts the customers to download the app, on which they can check their spot on the waitlist in real-time. Signing up the guests for the app also helps the restaurant to collect personal details of the customers such as their names, birth date, e-mail id, etc. Restaurants can then use this data for undertaking customer analytics programs for marketing campaigns.

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