The Future of Marketing Analytics in 2017

Aug 24, 2017

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Marketing analytics is the new buzzword that has taken the industry by storm and has become an integral part of every marketer’s toolkit. Massive amounts of information about the latest developments and trends in the market and changes in consumer behavior are generated on a daily basis. As a result, analyzing the data with the help of effective data mining techniques and marketing analytics coupled with related advanced data analytics solutions has become inevitable for organizations across the globe. Marketing analytics solutions offer actionable insights that enable marketers to make strategic business decisions that reduce costs and enhance the return on investment (ROI). The evolution of digital media platforms and the advent of marketing analytics has revamped the marketing landscape by reaching the right people at the right time through several different mediums.

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The Future Looks Bright for Marketing Analytics

Marketers are gradually realizing the importance of data to gain in-depth insights into their target market and the consumers’ behavior. Thus, organizations are increasingly adopting marketing and data analytics to capitalize on the vast amount of data and gain a competitive edge over their competitors. What are the trends in marketing analytics, you ask? These are the marketing analytics trends that are transforming the industry landscape.

  • With the rise in the number of analytics platforms, organizations are adopting agile marketing to improve, test, iterate and optimize their marketing campaigns to achieve quick results. Marketers are also adopting technology and analytics platforms by investing in big data to gain real-time information and engage with their customers
  • Multichannel attribution helps marketers identify their customers across various touchpoints and deliver the right message to the right person. Omnichannel marketing strategies enable the organizations to track their customers and engage with them across multiple devices and platforms
  • The marketing function has moved away from the traditional transactional approach to a more customer-centric approach. Marketing analytics helps the business to personalize communication for their customers based on their previous browsing history, cookie-based cross-device targeting, and past purchase history. Thus, marketers can gain an in-depth understanding of their customers by leveraging marketing analytics and predictive analytics to improve their customer outreach, acquisition, and retention.

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