Global Mobile Gaming Industry Looks to Predictive Analytics to Level Up

May 11, 2017

Video Game Industry

With 100,000+ games available on the Apple App Store and an equal number on Google’s Play Store, mobile gaming is a serious business. Prominent success stories like Candy Crush Saga from King Digital Entertainment and Clash of Clans from Supercell hint at a consumer base that rewards thoughtful and well-executed projects with customer engagement and loyalty. For game developers, keeping the target audience continually interested is the biggest challenge.

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Get Smart with Customer Experience Analytics

The key is finding the customer engagement strategy that matches up to your express strengths and limitations. Herein, prioritization and a specialized targeting method help to ask your target audience the right questions and collate actionable data that can be taken as the bedrock on which your company’s promotional strategies can be founded. A robust combination of business data and customer interaction can be converted into clearly spelled out action points.

Engaging the Future with Predictive Analytics

With a healthy customer engagement program in place, developers can now look to broaden their arsenal of services and prioritize features that can be selectively customized and are scalable. As game developers, you are well versed with the different types of casual/hardened gamers- people who give up too quickly, those that are motivated by challenges, and those that want to buy their way out of a tricky in-game situation. All of these scenarios present a sublime opportunity to mine for data and maintain complete customer profiles. Next, each customer can be engaged individually and in line with an approach that will ensure that the customer’s life cycle is a fairly long one. The key here is predicting an individual’s response to a generalized in-game situation and offering him/her a customized way to handle the said situation. That’s simpler quests for the quitters, harder boss levels for the champions, and prominent in-game purchase buttons for those looking out for short-cuts.

Takeout – A Win-Win Situation

There aren’t foolproof customer retention solutions, however, predictive analytics offers a way to step into the target gamer’s comfort circle and breed a sense of familiarity, simplicity, and loyalty. On the flip side, the game developer has a better understanding of their customer base and through the magic of customer segmentation, can separate the casual gamers from the foremost disciples. The latter is the ’bread-and-butter’ proposition while the former can be strategically redirected into the latter group.

Monetization is achieved by ensuring a deep understanding of the mobile gamer’s style of play. What is a profitable customer worth? What level of customization can be bestowed upon this individual? When and how is he/she likely to make the next purchase? What ‘event’ would trigger him/her to make this purchase? How must the company’s marketing budget be aligned to find and retain this niche audience base? And most importantly – What does a profitable customer look like?

The Quantzig Advantage – Insights that you can Profit From

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