Helping Telcos Turn Digital Data into Actionable Insights Using BI and Advanced Analytics

Feb 11, 2021

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Telecom, as we know, is one the most data-intensive industries. Data analysis and insights generation is often a challenge, given the vast volumes of digital data collected by telecom companies on a daily basis.

Case in Point

The client, a well-established telco major, faced a similar challenge as they could not process the huge volumes of digital data they had access to. The telco’s previous attempts to leverage BI and advanced analytics turned out to be unproductive and failed to deliver business value. They needed customized BI and analytics solutions that could be scaled to other organization-wide initiatives to set things right.

Having realized that insights gleaned from digital data could help transform current processes and gain a competitive edge, the company’s decision-makers approached Quantzig. They wanted to deploy a practical approach to streamline their fragmented analytics and insights generation processes and gain more value from their analytical investments.

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The Challenge

A plethora of siloed databases and legacy systems made data analysis and insights generation a complicated task. The fragmented organizational structure also meant that data wasn’t democratized and insights weren’t shared across teams.

With analytics-related expenses running into the millions, the telco couldn’t afford to ignore their inefficient processes and were looking to generate timely, reliable, and actionable insights from their digital data for running the business. With digital data proliferation on the rise, it’s crucial to learn how you can generate maximum insights from your data. Request a free proposal to learn how Quantzig’s analytics solutions can help you maximize digital data usage.

How Quantzig’s BI and Advanced Analytics Experts Helped the Telco Leverage Digital Data for Decisioning

The project began with developing a shared analytics vision. Instead of recommending a single massive analytics project to leverage digital data usage, we mutually decided upon demonstrating the potential of the new analytics vision through smaller pilot projects. The proposed methodology was risk-free and empowered the client to share the experience, and knowledge gained o larger projects in the future.

Collaborating with Quantzig, the company gained the confidence to redefine its BI and advanced analytics implementation approach. Here is an overview of the steps the team followed.

  • Leadership alignment
  • Selection of BI and advanced analytics solutions
  • Design and execution of pilot projects
  • Insights generation and reporting

The execution of pilot projects was the first step in the telco’s journey toward developing a BI and advanced analytics program to help individuals make business decisions on the go. As a result, the telecom service provider now has an effective strategy to use its digital data and incorporate insights into its marketing decisions and processes. Apart from helping them democratize data, Quantzig’s BI and advanced analytics experts helped the client build a sustainable, organization-wide analytics program.

Our BI and advanced analytics platforms now provide plug-and-play options for non-data specialists to gather and analyze digital data. Request more information for detailed insights.

Adopting a step approach helped the client achieve several additional benefits. The solutions offered by Quantzig enabled the client to identify the technologies and analytics solutions they needed for efficient usage of digital data, like the creation of data lakes to store data obtained from disparate sources. Having such a system in place enhanced collaboration between multiple business units, helping them share data and insights across business units.

The telecom service provider also established data governance protocols to protect their internal and external data sets. Besides, the client’s project team developed analytical skills and implemented core technologies that can be leveraged for other big data projects. As a next step, the client wishes to identify and institute more use cases to continue to grow its analytics and insight generation capabilities.

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