The Top 5 Hottest Trends in Social Media Analytics

Jul 25, 2017

Marketers prefer using social media not only as a brand promotion platform but also to know their customers in-depth. Traditionally, marketers relied on the data gathered from market research to understand customer experience and brand loyalty. Today, they rely on social media analytics to gather insights and information on the brand image, brand awareness, and brand loyalty as customers are more than willing to share their experiences with a brand.

Businesses are already using the conventional social media analytics tools to measure KPI’s focusing on engagement, reach, leads, and conversions. But the trends in social media are changing so rapidly that companies are constantly looking for new ways to monitor customer experience more effectively.

Here are some of the hottest trends in the field of social media analytics:

Sentiment Analytics

Sentiment analytics uses machine learning and text-based analytics to understand the attitudes and opinions of the customer. By going through all the feedback and comments about the brand, the algorithm can analyze whether a piece of writing is negative, positive, or neutral. These algorithms use multi-level analytics by considering the tone, words, phrases, context, and patterns to score the sentiment.

Influencer Analytics

Paid media is reaching a saturation point, and customers are looking for new avenues to get product reviews andGet in touch feedback. The majority of the customer identity word-of-mouth as a key influencer for their purchasing decision. To capitalize on such influencers, marketers are resorting to social media analytics to identify, keep track, and leverage on their brand influencers. Influencer analytics tracks the amount of activity and visibility across the platform, measures its effect on brand awareness and sales, and analyzes actions and events driving negative and positive discussions to identify their top influencers.

Customer Service Chatbots

The amount of engagement and messages requiring response has been on the rise year over year. Many brands are turning to customer service chatbots to increase their customer service resource. Instant acknowledgment and response and constant engagements drive positive customer sentiment. Chatbots use word recognition algorithm to offer solutions to some of the customers’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Automation of Content Sharing

Customer engagement is one of the most crucial aspects that drive brand loyalty. The current content hungry crowd demands regular content updates. Marketers are presented with many tools that automate the content sharing process across all the social media platforms.

Human Analytics

AI and algorithms have come a long way to change the landscape of social media analytics, but aren’t flawless. It still struggles to identify complex human behaviors and emotions. For example, a comment which reads,” My flight got delayed, excellent service,” may be interpreted by an AI as a positive sentiment because it emphasizes excellent service. A human touch is essential to avoid a PR disaster and also get a deeper understanding – which is beyond any AI’s understanding.

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