3 Ways Predictive Analytics Solutions Can Help Businesses Derive Successful Outcomes

Jan 24, 2019

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With the shifting key values of every industry from customer-focused to customer-centric, there is an immense growth in data and information. This has changed customer dynamics and as a result, every business is facing numerous challenges such as market uncertainties, driving efficiency, and effectiveness in their marketing productivity, immense competition, customer demands, fraud detection, and risk management.

Many businesses across all industries, in order to cater to customer demands, are trying to utilize the data that their customers leave behind while interacting with the company. Harnessing this pool of data can offer several benefits to organizations. However, many companies still have not realized the importance of data mining and have not gone beyond gathering and storing their data. Although it is difficult to deal with an unstructured set of data by leveraging predictive analytics solutions businesses can fetch optimum results from such data. 

At Quantzig, we understand the impact that predictive analytics solutions can have on your business. And to help companies derive actionable insights from large and complex data sets, our team of experts has highlighted three important ways in which predictive analytics solutions can help in managing large volumes of data and setting up analytical frameworks to derive real-time insights that facilitate more informed and wise decisions.

Are you facing trouble finding actionable insights within your company’s data? Predictive analytics techniques may hold key to put your data into perspective. Get in touch with us now.

Benefits of Predictive Analytics Solutions

Benefit #1: Helps in Identifying and Prioritizing Qualified Leads

By leveraging predictive analytics solutions, businesses can easily eliminate unqualified leads. It offers an algorithm that can help companies prioritize known prospects based on their probability of taking action. With the help of predictive modeling, data analysis techniques, and machine learning solutions, it has become easier for businesses to find prospects who have similarities with existing buyers. This can maximize opportunities for companies to gain new customers. Detailed insights from data mining and data analytics can help the sales team to focus on and nurture the most profitable customers. Even if your business has limited funds, predictive analytics and data science can be powerful tools to ensure that the right resources are used at the right time and can help you predict most potential customers with the highest chance of purchasing.

Best-in-class frameworks for multi-dimensional data aggregation and visualization-based data discovery tools for insight generation can improve your decision making. The right predictive analytics tools and data science techniques can also help you curate, process, and analyze huge datasets. Request a free proposal to know more.

Benefit #2: Improves Accuracy in Predicting Customer Behavior

Customer intelligence is the name of the game for marketers. The better you understand your customers, the easier it is for you to reach them across different marketing channels with the right message at the right time. Utilizing predictive analytics techniques guided by data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning, companies can analyze behaviors of existing as well as new customers by discerning similarities and patterns between variables in the data. Additionally, predictive modeling and data analytics can also help companies to identify ready to buy customers. Furthermore, analyzing data of customers through data analysis techniques can help businesses anticipate their behavior to devise a better marketing strategy.

Benefit #3: Boosts Personalization

In the customer-centric environment of business, personalization matters. However, brands are struggling hard when it comes to providing personalized messages to their customers. There can be three reasons for it, inaccurate data, insufficient data, or lack of insights. Since the manual approach to personalization is unsustainable, so, companies are turning to data science, machine learning and data analytics as their next logical step. Predictive analytics helps in automated segmentation for personalized messaging. This facilitates a better targeting of specific individuals or groups when you cross-sell, upsell, or recommend products to your customers.

Are you ready to empower your business with predictive analytics? If so, Quantzig is the right place to start. Our predictive analytics solutions have helped more than 55 Fortune 500 companies to make data-driven decisions and boost ROI. Request for a free demo now.

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