HR Analytics- Improving Workforce Productivity with Insights

May 16, 2017

At a time when financial analytics, data analytics, and customer analytics have attracted a lot of attention throughout the globe, HR analytics is one area which calls for a huge amount of consideration. Think of any major organization, and you will realize how  much concentrated effort is needed to understand and utilize the employee data sensibly. It is now that HR analytics comes into play. Having immense experience in improving operational performance of organizations, Quantzig explains how HR analytics can boost the workings of your company.

HR Analytics’ & Employee Management

1. Using the data effectively

Most organizations have a pool of data on employees learning, performance, compensation, etc. This high-quality HR data plays a vital role in understanding and predicting workforce trends, bringing down risks, and gaining higher returns. Unfortunately, what we have found in our research is that, this data is not used to look for solutions on pressing issues like providing optimal compensation, improving the quality of training, and better hiring process.

2. Concentrating on individuals

Often it is forgotten that everyone plays a vital role in the growth of an organization. Thus it only makes sense, that instead of seeing them as a bunch of people brought together under a team – a lot more focus is placed on individual employees. Through HR analytics, individual talent and skill can be easily considered. This way it becomes easier to place the right person under the right team and thereby improving the overall quality of work. The overall work dynamics also gets improved substantially.

3. Better measurement and management of resources

Just as Peter Drucker said, measurement plays a vital role in better management of resources. A lot of time and effort is regularly devoted in resource management. By adhering to HR analytics, it becomes far easier to manage resources; and better management of resources leads to efficient execution of plans.

4. Efficient reporting, improved ROI

HR analytics are often wrongly used to just derive some half-baked data and build reports. This is mainly because instead of hiring the right workforce to understand the insights of the analytics, the data is reduced to just a medium of monitoring.

The right workforce uses the data from HR analytics to develop insights on the working of the organization, and building corrective measures to address the shortcomings. This process will in turn improve the overall ROI of the company.

HR Analytics_HR

Thus, HR analytics is an important tool in improving the overall efficiency of organizations. In fact, our research shows that companies utilizing this analytics platform have recorded substantial increase in their overall output.

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