Four Ways to Improve Customer Experience and Engagement for Mobile Apps

Aug 21, 2017

There are millions of apps available for mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon. These apps serve various functions such as entertainment, food delivery, transportation, learning, editing, shopping, communication, networking, and games. People download many such apps to serve their purpose whenever required. Recent studies suggest that an average smartphone user has around 60-90 apps installed on their phone. But the problem point for app developers is the fact that only a small minority of those apps are regularly used.

Here are some of the ways to increase the mobile app usage rate and create a unique customer experience:

1. Smart Notification

To improve customer experience, app developers have tried all forms of notifications, including push notifications and lock screen notifications. However, they need to be wary of the fact that too many notifications could annoy the user, and that a user may not want to visit the app every time a notification appears. Smart notifications provide a diligent solution by enabling the user to take actions right from the notification itself. For instance, news apps allow the user to read and share the content from the notification window itself. Some chat applications have made use of floating notifications to compose a reply without opening the app.

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2. Invest in User Interface and User Experience

Many existing apps today have a bad UX/UI design; as a result of which, users get discouraged to use the apps. Even when the app is great, users can get confused with the interface and find it too complicated. Many developers outsource their UX/UI design to dedicated design companies with delightful results. Seamless design makes the user feel more comfortable and immersed in the app; thereby, increasing the mobile app usage rate.

3. Cross-Platform Compatibility

IoT is touted as being the next game-changer in the digital world. Many apps provide compatibility across other devices as well. Wearables are gaining popularity among the current generation of users. Developers can improve customer experience by providing easy access to their apps without having to use their smartphones. For instance, an app compatible with a smartwatch allows you to view the grocery shopping list and mark items as they are put in the shopping basket.

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4. Incentives

Providing incentives to perform certain actions increases the likelihood that people will take action. Incentivizing user action such as app installs, sharing, purchase, consumption, and feedback will yield better engagement. Apart from this, gamification with point system works best for improving engagement.

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