Learning Analytics is Going to be the Next Big Thing in e-Learning and Student Performance Tracking – Here’s Why

Jul 9, 2020

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Disruptions induced by the pandemic outbreak have radically transformed the educational sector, shedding light on multiple grey areas in process redesign, compliance, online teaching methodologies, and data management. Moreover, with online learning and mixed modes of teaching gaining popularity across geographies, there is also an exponential increase in the need to evaluate and track student performance in real-time using advanced learning analytics.

A key indicator of the success of learning objectives and student performance tracking is directly based on pedagogy. Hence, in the e-learning sector, pedagogical approaches are built based on a detailed analysis of data patterns, students’ performance, and learning curriculums that capture the interactions between teachers and students on global e-learning platforms. Though several techniques exist to analyze the captured data sets, the most important and widely used techniques are based on the applications of learning analytics and educational data mining. Notably, both these techniques are closely related to the process of data exploration and analysis.

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What is Learning Analytics?

Learning analytics is an approach that uses data models and educational data mining to measure, collect, and analyze data on student performance, online teaching methodologies, and language pedagogy to improve learning and overall student performance. It also helps in optimizing the online learning curriculum based on different parameters used to gauge student performance.

This article sheds light on the factors impacting pedagogical activities in the e-learning sector and provides an overview of student performance analysis using e-learning analytics.

Tracking Student Performance using Learning Analytics Helps Achieve the End Goal

Educational institutions are now focusing on setting up robust infrastructures to entirely transform their teaching methodologies. But to successfully leverage such online learning models, businesses must harness the power of big data to make informed decisions. Likewise, with digitalization transforming end-to-end business processes there will be greater availability of data, which can be analyzed to tailor course curriculum and pedagogical approaches through the application of machine learning and advanced analytics.

Given the myriad options available today, selecting the right curriculum is not as easy as it seems. We, at Quantzig, understand the challenges facing e-learning companies when it comes to designing a curriculum for students based on their needs and performance levels. To analyze such performance gaps and help clients provide complete clarity to students and teachers, we have developed a comprehensive suite of learning analytics solutions that can help integrate the curriculum with assessment, student performance metrics, demographic data to implement a unique framework to drive student outcomes and improve learning.

We offer comprehensive insights that cover the unique needs of different educational institutions and university stakeholders while supporting innovative teaching methodologies that help transition from offline models to e-learning models. Get in touch with our learning analytics experts for personalized recommendations.

Why Choose Quantzig’s Learning Analytics Solutions?

At Quantzig, we understand the importance of leveraging learning analytics within the framework of a consistent feedback loop that focuses on enhancing curriculum planning and ensuring the highest returns for our clients. Our learning analytics solutions have helped leading educators and L&D administrators deliver more effective training and education programs that fall in line with the modern learning curriculum. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

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