Mastering Human Resource Management with Predictive HR Analytics

Jul 21, 2020

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The ongoing seismic shifts in the HR landscape have prompted IT service providers to embrace a data-driven culture to acquire and retain top talent. Having realized a manhunt to acquire top talent would not suffice in today’s world, organizations are leveraging HR technologies that apply predictive HR analytics to gauge factors like employee performance, churn rate, and other similar metrics.

However, aligning corporate goals with your HR strategy plays an equally important role in effective human resource management. Based on a deep-dive analysis of the challenges facing HR teams, Quantzig has brought together technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and natural language processing to help its clients act on insights and streamline workforce planning processes.

predictive HR analytics

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How HR Teams Within the IT Sector Can Use Predictive HR Analytics to Drive Outcomes

The advancements in HR technologies have shed light on the benefits of predictive HR analytics, which is now emerging to be a useful tool for determining the direction of an organization’s growth. Once perceived as an isolated function, ‘human resource’ is now a meaningful contributor to an organization’s overall business outcome.

Let’s discuss critical areas where predictive HR analytics can help drive positive business outcomes.

  • Employee Data Management: Determine the type of data sets required, and the best methods to collect, integrate, and manage employee data with minimal effort
  • Data Modeling: To make HR analytics an integral part of your business decisions requires a robust and well-defined operating model
  • Data Dashboarding and Reporting: Select appropriate HR analytics technologies based on your specific reporting and dashboarding requirements

Owing to the rising complexities within the information technology sector, one gets to witness a proportional increase in the adoption of predictive HR analytics technologies.  Apart from its contribution to the existing challenges, constant market changes are driving significant transformations that make building technical and analytical competencies crucial for HR teams.

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Why Choose Quantzig?

Our experience in the field of analytics has helped us understand the uniqueness of businesses, especially when it comes to human resource management. As such, choosing a predictive HR analytics dashboard that is specific to your business requirement is critical to driving positive outcomes. Hence, we have developed a comprehensive suite of predictive HR analytics solutions with customizable dashboards and easy to use interfaces. By leveraging our predictive HR analytics solutions, HR executives within the IT sector are likely to spend less time and resources in making assumptions, and can instead rely on insights to take actions that drive operational excellence.

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Our predictive HR analytics capabilities include:

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