Top 5 New Food Trends in 2018

Aug 18, 2018

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Food is our common ground and is a universal experience. This is one of the major reasons why food trends keep changing. We have been evidencing a change in trends in recent times, which is a reflection of the change in attitudes towards the community, environment, and most importantly health. Healthy food trends are now in rage and the menu cards of many restaurants and food courts have healthy food options. From the brunch boom to the avocado craze to burrito bowls (also called Buddha bowls), we have analyzed all of the new food trends. These healthy food trends are now known to most of us. So, it’s time to unveil more healthy trends that are going to rule the rest of the year. If you are wondering what new food trends will affect your menu cards in 2018, don’t worry, we have you covered.

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Food Trends 2018

#1: Happy Gut Food

Do you know that a new microbiota can be cultivated in the body in just 24 hours by changing the food habits? Yes, you got it right. Our diet influences the microbes present in our body. So, it is so true that we really are what we eat. So, to keep the gut bugs healthy, healthy food trends are going to be the rage this year. Gut-friendly food like miso, kimchi, and kefir are quite popular and are going to see more innovations in the days to come.

#2: Healthy Seafood

Seafood and health are correlated in many ways. Seafood is going to be a popular choice for many breakfast and brunch dishes. Since it’s going to be one of the healthy food trends in 2018, many restaurants have started introducing new varieties of fish and shellfish to provide the variety that consumers may not be as acquainted with in dishes like fish tacos and ceviche.

#3: More Greens on the Plates

Chefs at restaurants continue to find new and creative ways to serve vegetables to their menu’s center stage. This is one of the new food trends to let you fall for vegetables. Here falls the very popular risotto bowl from Hampton and Hudson in Atlanta that consists of roasted sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, Brussels sprouts, smoky parsnip risotto, and fried kale. So, it is one of the new food trends that is going to become even more popular in the days to come.

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#4: Sweet from Asia

Sweet is also counted as one of the healthy food trends if it comprises less sugar and a more natural sweetener like honey. That is the reason why Asian-inspired sweets are becoming popular. Fried banana wontons sprinkled and drizzled with local farm honey is one such popular dish from Thailand to enter the dessert list in US restaurants.

#5: Tea with a Difference

Are you a tea lover and want to explore different recipes of Tea? Tea with a difference is one of the new food trends 2018 that’s going to create more buzz for the tea lovers. Herbal, masala, and green tea are some variants that tea lovers are experimenting with. People are going to think of tea with the same interest and reverence as coffee for the list of varieties that are going to come.

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