The Future of Predictive Analytics – Vision 2020

Jul 31, 2017


Predictive analytics has recently gained momentum as organizations seek market and consumer insights to assess the value of their businesses in the future. Organizations across several industries such as retail and consumer packaged goods and healthcare are already leveraging the benefits of predictive data analytics to drive profitability and improve operational efficiency. Predictive data analytics has helped retailers and marketers understand the consumer buying pattern, follow the clickstream of the users, and display relevant ads to their target customers. The healthcare industry is using predictive analytics to predict illnesses and forecast potential medical conditions to enable preventive care and diagnosis.

Predictive Analytics – It’s All About Data

Organizations are turning to predictive analytics to predict the future of markets and consumer trends. The market insights gained through forward-looking analysis are based on one simple thing i.e. data. Businesses have access to vast amounts of information through various sources such as point-of-sale terminals, browsing history, financial statements, and revenue records, etc. Predictive data analytics utilizes this untapped pool of information also known as big data to analyze and gain actionable insights on the market landscape, consumer trends, and competitor scenarios in the industry. The organizations should leverage advanced analytics solutions such as predictive analytics and big data analytics to predict the future, identify patterns, and build new strategic models instead of dwelling over their past mistakes.

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Predictive Data Analytics – What Does the Future Hold?

Predictive data analytics leverages statistical modeling, machine learning, and data mining techniques to analyze the past and present data to predict the future. Businesses that have integrated predictive analytics within their processes and systems gain a competitive advantage over the other players in the market. For example, e-commerce players can leverage predictive data analytics to vary their pricing strategy based on shopping patterns, achieve optimal search outcomes, and undertake promotional and marketing activities by targeting the right customer. Predictive analytics can also be leveraged to match the right person with the right job by using past performance data. In the future, three to five years down the line, predictive analytics tools, and solutions are anticipated to be more context-specific, accessible, and flexible in terms of customization.





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