Top 3 Ways Predictive Data Analytics Can Help Tackle a Pandemic Like Coronavirus

Mar 4, 2020

data analytics in healthcare

With coronavirus spreading at an alarming rate, data scientists and researchers across the globe are now analyzing patient data to correlate disease patterns and identify breakthroughs in the coronavirus drug discovery. The rapid outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has raised an alarm globally due to the rise in cases of disease outbreak being reported from different geographies. This has not just led to increased adoption of predictive analytics in healthcare but has left key healthcare decision-makers scrambling for better insights to drive innovation in drug discovery.

predictive data analytics

Predictive analytics is helping leading healthcare organizations tackle disease outbreaks. Wonder how? Contact our analytics experts right away!

Moving closer to being called a pandemic, coronavirus has left leading healthcare organizations scrambling for new strategies to tackle the situation. Although the impact of a global pandemic is negative in several ways, healthcare R&D firms can take some solace in the fact that they now have access to huge troves of data sets and advanced predictive analytics tools that were previously unavailable.

How Predictive Data Analytics and Big Data Can Help Tackle Coronavirus

Identify Coronavirus Patterns in Health Records

Data scientists and researchers within the healthcare space are now analyzing data sets to identify breakthroughs to rapidly deploy and test new vaccines & drugs, to determine hotspots of disease outbreak, and to recommend strategies for disease quarantine and prevention. Using predictive analytics and big data to drive innovation has turned out to be crucial in the healthcare and life sciences segment.

Analyze Data Obtained from Geographic Information Systems

GIS has turned out to be crucial in analyzing data obtained from coronavirus hit regions globally. Apart from being the most important tool to retrieve data and tackle the spread of diseases, geographic information systems play a pivotal role in identifying factors behind the outbreak. Geographic information systems that leverage data mining and predictive analytics to analyze data are also aiding the discovery of treatment patterns and clinical outcomes that have made a huge impact.

With quarantines, restrictions on travel, lock-downs, and accelerated research on vaccine development. The question that remains unanswered is- how can we prevent the outbreak of a pandemic? Request a FREE proposal to learn how predictive data analytics can help.

Analyze Data Obtained from Geographic Information Systems

Predictive data analytics has turned out to be more than a powerful tool that helps prevent disease outbreaks. The use of predictive data analytics models that leverage AI and machine learning help drive a huge impact on the efforts to prevent the spread of diseases. Sophisticated predictive analytics platforms that process billions of data obtained from various sources are also aiding healthcare organizations and WHO in tackling the pandemic.

Predictive data analytics and NLP have played a major role in addressing the factors behind disease outbreaks, considering the fact that they have helped combat deadly diseases such as SARS in the past. As a result, drug manufacturers and healthcare organizations are now focusing their resources on leveraging predictive analytics and big data to identify and recommend strategies to the World Health Organization (WHO) for disease quarantine and prevention.

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