Tech Trends 2021-2022

Jun 11, 2021

Tech Trends

Top Tech Trends of 2021-2022

S NoTop Tech Trends of 2021-22
1.Technology-enabled business strategy
2.Supply unchained
3.Industrialized Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)
4.Zero trust security model

What Will Technology hold in 2021 and Beyond?

After disruptions caused by the coronavirus crisis starting in 2020, businesses are looking forward to getting back on course and becoming sustainable. 2020 has created havoc and made holes in long-standing norms about how companies operate. It has become evident that no leadership is possible without technology leadership. The latest digital acceleration has placed technology as the cornerstone of global leadership.

Tech trends

Top Tech Trends of 2021-2022

1. Technology-Enabled Business Strategy

Technology has emerged as a strategic disruptor; businesses are constantly scanning the tech trends and business horizons for new and better competitive advantages that can be leveraged to avoid threats. As business strategies, tech trends, and design become increasingly interconnected, many businesses understand how their previous technology choices limit their strategic options and business agility. They then create a holistic business strategy, taking into account their required technology architecture.

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Tech trends

2. Supply Unchained

From a cup of coffee to a small notebook, everything has a touch of modern slavery. Modern-day slavery refers to the exploitation of the workforce – labor exploitation, debt bondage, and child labor. Exploitation often happens within business supply chain networks – there are high risks within the product journey, from input to distribution and at times in consumption. In 2021, most business leaders have taken up this social cause to unchain their supply chains.

Manufacturers, retailers, and consumers are now taking supply chain transformations to the next level by optimizing the supply chain ecosystem from risk. Moreover, organizations have already begun to transform their supply chain networks from traditional setups to value-driving setups. Supply unchained is one of the most prominent tech trends of 2021. Unlike other technology trends, it helps a business identify risks from ground level, meander those risks, and deploy tools to prevent those risks.

3. Industrialized Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Modern-day machine learning models and algorithms help businesses discover anomalies, predict outcomes, and make decisions. Most companies now either deploy artificial intelligence or are in the way of implementing it. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming a core part of business strategies in 2021. They hold great promise for every industry, be it healthcare, food and beverage, finance, media, or retail. Due to the wide availability of cloud-based storage, easy-to-use artificial tools, and quick business outcomes, the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions continues to grow exponentially.

Machine learning operations (MLOps) solutions by Quantzig help you solve complex business problems, and inspire innovation, change, and growth. Request for more information on how we can help.

4. Zero Trust Security Model

With the global lockdown that started in 2020, most organizations moved to a work-from-home setup made possible by cloud computing. Organizations are now managing services across several cloud providers; as an organization relies on a third-party vendor to organize and host data, the chances of attack increase.  A zero-trust architecture focuses on a risk-driven model, and it recognizes anomalies and inconsistencies, raises alerts, and, at times, denies access. An analytics-driven design of a zero trust security model always results in straightforward user access control.

Moving to a zero trust security model may sound cumbersome to large organizations, and they may go under technical debt if not deployed correctly. For bigger organizations, data needs to be compartmentalized into manageable chunks. While deploying a zero trust security model, businesses must understand that it is not a service or solution, or platform; instead, it is a philosophical shift in how a company views security. The process of migrating to a zero trust security architecture is time-taking yet worthy in the long run.

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5. Legacy Nucleus Revival

In 2021’s economic atmosphere, organizations need to help make their business legacy nucleus system be more agile and innovative and promote digitization. One of the best approaches to the application of digitization and modernization includes the process of nucleus mapping. With the help of mapping tools, legacy nucleus systems can be visualized easily. Enhancing a business’s legacy nucleus system is not a one-time process – it is an ongoing process. While business leaders have started taking heed to tech trends, Quantzig’s SMEs have explored and witnessed transformational approaches in the last decade and extracted value from those tech trends. However, in 2021 technology trends are exciting, new, and innovative in the way they are redefining a business’s business space and legacy nucleus.


Across industries, Covid-19 has already ignited a technological shift of unprecedented magnitude. In this race of developing and inculcating new digital capabilities for the world of tomorrow, organizations need an innovative partner like Quantzig. At Quantzig we help organizations thrive in the future by leveraging the critical technology trends of 2021 in our advanced analytics solutions.

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