Proven Benefits of Campaign Management Automation

May 7, 2018

Campaign Management Automation

A marketing campaign lies in the heart of the success of the brand. Campaigns can make or break the brand in a short amount of time. Marketing professionals find it important to track and monitor their campaign progress so that they can tweak it to improve its chances of success. A campaign management system is designed to handle the various components of a marketing campaign. Campaign management systems are able to handle a large number of multi-stage campaigns and automate personalized campaigns. Additionally, it also allows the marketing professional to simplify planning and allow unified collaboration across the entire marketing team. The ability to automate campaigns opens up a world of possibilities which helps companies to drive their ROI.

Benefits of Campaign Management Automation

Lead Time Reduction

Campaign management automation facilitates scheduling, quick coordination, launching, and monitoring of marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Previously marketing campaign used to take weeks just to be planned and then implemented. With automation, the implementation can happen in a few hours itself. As a result, the lead time for campaign roll-outs is drastically reduced.

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Increase Campaign Effectiveness

The advent of digital media has allowed marketers to instantly monitor the success of their campaign and identify things that are not working for them. For instance, using A/B testing, marketers can measure the likelihood of success of two different campaigns. Tracking the progress of a marketing campaign, marketers are able to identify what is working and what is not, subsequently, they can also determine what will work and what won’t.


Customization and personalization are the biggest reason why more and more companies are opting for marketing campaign automation. It has been proved now and again that personalization greatly improves customer satisfaction and ultimately conversion. Marketers can tie specific behaviors to individuals and dynamically customize emails, landing pages, and offers.

Improves Reach

Marketers can significantly expand their market visibility and reach using massive data sets on customers and markets. Automated lead generation also helps marketers identify new market opportunities in addition to growing their database.

Optimize for SEO

Today, organic search results drive the most traffic out of most online channels, which accounts for almost half the website traffic. Marketing automation performs on-page evaluation and ensures that content is optimized for search engine flowing best practices.

Increased Social Presence

Automation is an ally for marketing managers who are looking to track and manage their publishing and interactions on social media platforms. Platforms such as HootSuite and Tweetdeck and widely popular to schedule social media posts. In addition to that, marketing automation also alerts users when it gets important to respond to a particular social media response. Also, these tools automate the analytics and reporting process which can help marketers to identify ways to improve social media engagement.

Automate Email Campaigns

Campaign management can be practiced in terms of e-mail marketing as well. Numerous tools such as MailChimp, ConvertKit, Drip, and GetResponse can help marketers take advantage of email marketing by triggering email programs. Not only can small things like welcome mail and acknowledgment emails be automated but also complex tasks like personalizing offers, predetermining content, and messages to the right recipient.

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