The Rise of Advanced Analytics in the Banking Industry

Sep 11, 2017

The banking industry is highly data-intensive with large amounts of customer and credit processing data that can be analyzed with the help of advanced analytics. With increasing competition in the banking industry, the key to gain higher market shares and build a loyal customer base that drives profitability is to understand customer needs and preferences. Organizations in the banking industry can leverage data mining, data cleansing, and advanced analytics techniques to analyze customer data, develop risk management and mitigation strategies, and minimize fraud. Today, the main objective of the key players in the banking industry is to understand their customers, predict their demand, and deliver products efficiently.

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Why Does the Banking Industry Need Analytics?

The banking industry professionals believe that they must leverage advanced analytics techniques to fulfill their top priority of meeting consumers’ demands and improve customer satisfaction. Why so, you ask? Here’s why. Due to several reasons such as adhering to regulatory and compliance reforms, improving risk management strategies, and developing effective new market entry and expansion strategies, the banking and financial services industry has realized the capabilities offered by analytics. Banking and analytics are a combination that helps banks improve their customer segmentation and product positioning strategies.

Advanced Analytics in the Banking Industry

Many banks in the banking and financial services industry are headed towards big data and advanced analytics by adopting sophisticated technologies and tools. Advanced analytics helps in determining accurate metrics and KPIs to effectively measure the overall performance, which helps the organizations to fulfill their objectives, build a loyal consumer base, and drive profitability. Through data mining techniques and predictive analytics, banking organizations can make use of the available consumer data including transaction history to gain actionable insights that help to accurately forecast the demand. Additionally, the Basel II treaty emphasizes that the banking and financial services industry should adopt intelligent credit management technologies and tools to minimize risk exposure and manage market uncertainty. Advanced analytics in the banking industry helps organizations to build a loyal customer base, expand their market shares, and ensure bottom-line profitability.

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