Quantzig’s Take on the Role of Business Intelligence Reporting in the e-Learning Industry

Jul 7, 2020

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The role of business intelligence reporting and data dashboarding as a strategic tool for success is significant in today’s complex business world. As the complexities of data sets grow, the need to analyze big data and reduce decision-making cycle times has become increasingly important for key decision-makers across industries. Many such factors have made business intelligence reporting and data dashboarding crucial for companies to improve business performance and drive decision-making in the e-learning industry.

Leading businesses today use business intelligence reporting and data dashboarding tools to make wise investments and analyze the competition using data-driven insights. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that data dashboards play a pivotal role in decision-making across industries and are now turning out to be a valuable tool in the e-learning industry for several reasons. This article sheds light on the role of advanced business intelligence reporting and data dashboarding in the e-learning industry.

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Role of Business Intelligence Reporting in the e-Learning Industry

The application of business intelligence reporting and data dashboarding tools in the elearning industry has proven to help overcome the shortcomings of traditional e-learning environments in making appropriate decisions, by providing:

Value Business Insights that Help Predict Learners’ Performance

One of the most significant benefits of business intelligence reporting in the e-learning industry is that it not only provides insights on a learner’s current performance but also helps predict his/her future performance.

Fast and Accurate Reporting

BI reporting tools help businesses generate customized reports to monitor KPIs and gauge the success of their initiatives in real-time. Also, since these reports are generated in real-time, they use the most relevant data sources and display them in the form of visualizations, such as graphs, tables, and charts, enabling decision-makers to act quickly on insights.

Personalized e-Learning Experience

Insights obtained from business intelligence reporting and data dashboarding tools enable businesses to customize the experiences of the end-users based on their interests and priorities.

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Case in Point: Data Dashboarding and Reporting Help a Canadian e-learning Company Improve Success Rate

A leading e-learning service provider based out of Canada needed to make better use of the data it collects on student performance, mobility, and attendance, to improve student success rates and develop customized, highly interactive e-learning programs to cater to individual student needs. By collaborating with Quantzig, the e-learning services provider designed and developed a BI-based dashboard capable of analyzing data to provide actionable insights.

As a result, the client now leverages data to identify individual student needs and risk levels, impacting student success rates to a great extent. Also, the integration of analytical and database engines at the back-end has enabled them to streamline processes across the entire system, which, in turn, helped drive improvements on the user interface in terms of improved time to insights, speed of decision making in assessing student progress, administering examinations, sharing updates, and keeping the students engaged on a near-real-time basis.

Why Quantzig?

We at Quantzig believe ‘data’ is an organization’s strategic asset which, when combined with the cloud and the potential of business intelligence reporting capabilities, can help accelerate the speed to insight. Also, since data is pervasive, the key is to do something meaningful with it. But to gain actionable intelligence, we need a proven approach that can help harness the power of huge troves of data to be able to – manage it, apply advanced analytics to it, and gain insights from it. By taking advantage of advanced learning analytics techniques that leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics, e-learning industry players cannot just derive insights, but also identify what actions should be taken to drive better outcomes.

Having worked with leading players in the e-learning industry, we possess a detailed understanding of the business environment and the challenges facing this sector. Our analytics team has also played an active part in conceptualizing and executing business intelligence reporting projects over the past few years. Some of the most prominent ones include – the development of landing pages across 6 different verticals for a global conglomerate, creation of BI front-end for a packaging and distribution company, enterprise-wide business intelligence dashboard deployment for a publishing, media, and online learning company.

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