Self Service Analytics: Business Benefits You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Sep 5, 2019

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Businesses are constantly challenged by the growing complexities of data sets as they attempt to cater to the growing market needs and fluctuating customer preferences. They want to be able to trust current, reliable data to follow the right strategic orientations and realign their tactics. More than ever before, organizations today have access to humungous troves of data. But that doesn’t necessarily lead to a surge in business insights. To help build a stronger data-driven culture, organizations are turning to self service analytics. Self service analytics tools offer data access to more people within an organization by allowing them to combine disparate sources of data and create customized analytics models.

Maximizing the value of your data requires giving users the power to create reports that are easy to interact with, understand, and share. The goal is to help decision-makers understand past performance, monitor current performance subsequent to recent decisions and alert them to changes that go beyond a defined threshold for taking an action.

Self service analytics tools empower business executives to generate reports and perform queries with minimal or no support from the IT team. Request a FREE proposal for in-depth insights. 

Benefits of Self Service Analytics

Offers a Unified View of Data

Being the most dominant trend in the field of BI and analytics, self service analytics offers not just a unified view of data but also helps businesses to improve flexibility and feasibility of their key operations. By deploying self service analytics tools businesses can gain comprehensive insights into their operations and tackle key business challenges more quickly and efficiently.

Breaks Down Organizational and Cross-Departmental Silos

Data-driven insights impact various aspects of a business, so it makes sense for business leaders to ensure different departments across the organization have access to it. The same applies to data generated from other departments of an organization such as human resources, IT, and others. The ability to query and analyze data from a single source of truth enables businesses to share strategy and discipline across different departments.

Reduces dependency on IT and MIS teams

Data generated by machines and users generally spans across a variety of areas including finance, human resource, and enterprise resource management. Such data sets are stored in different computing systems and are generally not integrated due to the siloed nature of enterprise data management systems. Self service analytics tools help businesses to collate data obtained from disparate sources both internally and externally to generate detailed reports, eliminating the effort required from IT and MIS teams.

The transition to self-service analytics can be fraught with challenges which can curtail your efforts. Request a FREE demo to learn how we can help. 

Provides Detailed Insights on the Bottom Line

Self-service analytics is a powerful tool that is capable of transforming every facet of an organization. For example, it can enable business executives to give human resources, marketing, product, and sales departments’ access to the information they need for data discovery and visualization to better understand the financial impact of their decisions.

A pioneer in offering advanced data and self-service analytics solutions, Quantzig focuses on helping enterprises leverage data-driven insights to make well-informed decisions. The combination of self-service analytics and advanced AI-based tools positions you for improved productivity and smarter decision-making. Which implies you can become more competitive and agile as you use all your data to take better actions. Instead of depending on hunch-based choices, through our self-service analytics solutions, we help you make decisions that are truly rooted in data discovery and analytics.

Ready to Harness Game-Changing Insights?

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