Why Your Brand Needs Social Listening to Enhance Customer Experience

Aug 21, 2017

Social Listening

Modern-day consumers have come a long way and maintain a high expectation from any brand. They are ready to vent out their dissatisfaction on the digital medium, making it visible to all. Such act leaves all brands vulnerable to threats that may hamper their image. However, on the contrary, customers can also share positive experiences with a brand, creating a positive brand image and building brand loyalty. To better understand consumer behavior and satisfaction levels, brands need to resort to social listening to know what consumers are saying about them. It is only by getting such information, can a brand adjust their strategies and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Social listening involves watching out for patterns, tracking sentiments, and drawing conclusions based on conversations taking place involving the brand. Social listening merely doesn’t mean reviewing the brand mentions and comments on the social profile. In most cases, consumers don’t even mention the correct brand name or take the pain to tag them. Also, social listening isn’t limited to just listening; brands should be able to respond to user feedback and complaints promptly.

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Performance Measurement

Digital analytics tools such as sentiment analysis, audience metrics, and customer engagement gives the ability to measure the brand performance in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Using such tools, a marketer can analyze the performance of short-term campaigns and modify campaigns based on user feedback.

Edge Over the Competition

The transparent nature of the digital medium allows companies to assess the performance of the competitors as well. Markets can figure out what consumers are talking about competitors, why they are sticking to them, and the reasons for them to be dissatisfied with them. Brands can leverage social listening to join the conversation on frequently discussed topic and get valuable feedback from the customers.

Identify Influencers

The advertising landscape has drastically changed over the last few years. Traditional advertising messages are losing its influence as people are looking up to industry influencers for their purchase decisions. Active social listening can help a brand identify key influencers by analyzing their total fan following, frequency and volume of their online activity, engagement rates, and platforms they are actively using.

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Product Development

Social listening is a great tool to gain customer feedback on a product to modify, make necessary changes, and develop a new product.  It acts as a focus group study on a large-scale, where businesses can receive honest customer feedback to incorporate it and develop a product that is desired by the end users. One of the best example of such social listening in action is that of chips manufacturer Doritos taking in user feedback and introducing new flavors.

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