Is Social Media Analytics Nearing its End?

Sep 7, 2017

The freedom of expressing thoughts and creating social connections is one of the major factors driving the explosive growth of social media. People are free to express their feelings, likes or dislikes, and opinions on any matter in social media. This open expression of thoughts has given marketers deep insights into consumer behavior and preferences. Consequently, it has also revolutionized the media industry and brought order and logic into traditional advertising. Today, brands have the power to filter content and promotions and customize it down to an individual level, which is possible due to social media analytics. The complex algorithms of social media analytics rely on messages shared by the user to perform a deep customer analysis.

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The Current Trend

The current generation is extremely concerned about their privacy. Instead of broadcasting their message to the world, they prefer to discuss it in private or small groups. They like broadcasting their message with their close ones or community, which is inaccessible to firehoses, APIs, and other data mining tools.

Facebook Vs. Twitter

The social media analytics platform incorporates two major social networking sites, namely Facebook and Twitter. The underlying idea of message broadcasting differs between them. Twitter is preferred because one can broadcast an idea to the world. The hashtag function makes trending topics easier to filter for analysis. However, in contrast to Twitter, Facebook functions within a closed network. The firehose and APIs cannot mine user data from Facebook’s closed network. Facebook solely controls the data mining activity for social media analytics, due to which we can see customized content and advertisements.

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The End of Social Media Analytics?

The rise in popularity of Facebook along with people’s inclination towards privacy concerns show that public broadcasting in social media is stagnating. In addition to that, Facebook has also introduced many privacy features to make the content private, which makes data mining of social content all the more difficult. Unavailability of user data and broadcast messages deems the analytics tools useless, which might signify the end of an era for social media analytics.

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