Social Media Monitoring: 7 Reasons Why It is Important for Your Business

Feb 27, 2019

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In recent years, social media has surfaced as a powerful marketing tool. It continues to be an integral part of marketing strategies across all industries, but as it is still new, the learning curve is quite steep. As social media marketing and social media monitoring evolve, the knowledge of the field is acquired by marketing professionals through trial and error.

We at Quantzig, understand the challenges that companies face in social media monitoring. It can be frustrating, overwhelming, and often confusing to navigate the world of social media management. But you cannot negate the fact that social media monitoring is crucial for the growth of your business in today’s competitive landscape.

So, to help you out, our team of experts has explained in detail social media monitoring and how can it help companies to stay up-to-date with social media marketing trends without using up too much their resources.

Are you finding it difficult to monitor the effectiveness of social media investments and digital marketing campaigns? Get in touch with our experts to learn how our social media analytics solutions can help.

What is Social Media Monitoring?

Social media monitoring is not just limited to the realm of social media platforms but goes far beyond. If your business has an online presence in the market, customers will more than likely talk about you on websites, social media platforms, review sites, blogs, and anywhere else they get together to share their opinions and ideas. So, if you really want to know who is talking about you and what they are saying, you need to do social media monitoring. In simple words, social media monitoring is the act of “listening” to what the internet is saying about your business. This way you can gain actionable and valuable insights and can stamp out potential wildfires. This may sound a little overwhelming, but with the help of specialized social media monitoring tools, you can actually streamline the process of collecting and responding to comments and feedback.

Why Social Media Monitoring is Important For Your Business?

1: Helps you Know your Industry and Key Competitors

Social media monitoring is a simple way to find out about the current developments in your industry. It helps in recognizing trends and predict possible spikes in demand for your products and services. When you know the upcoming demand, you can map your strategy in advance and take measures immediately. Social media monitoring also lets you find out who your key competitors are, follow the strategy and analyze their actions properly. This way you cannot only eliminate the mistakes your competitors are doing, but also improve the areas in which your competitors do better.

With our social media monitoring services, we help organizations analyze social media marketing trends, customer interactions on different digital marketing platforms, and effectiveness of company communications on the website, social media presence, and mobile marketing. Request a free proposal now to know more about our portfolio of services.

2: Assists in Measuring the Effectiveness of your Communications

Social media monitoring is a great strategic tool to improve and measure the effectiveness of your communications. You can closely monitor how much media attention your actions fetch. It helps in estimating your reach to your target customers and analyze their response towards your product or service. Social media monitoring data acts as a reliable source for decision making. The most significant thing about a social media monitoring tool is convenience. It helps in collecting and analyzing the data, piles up all the hits, and sends the report directly to your email at specific times. Social media monitoring saves you precious time and allows you to focus on developing your strategy and planning future actions.

3: Enhances Current Marketing Strategies with Social Media Tools

Social media strategy should be backed by powerful social media tools. These tools can help you find out the demands of your target audience and serve their needs accordingly. This is very similar to getting your audience’s feedback without even actually asking for it. There are huge possibilities for improving marketing efforts by tapping into the thoughts of your audience. In short, social media monitoring tools will help you:

  • Garner invaluable feedback from the audience
  • Humanize your voice on social media platforms
  • Negate unnecessary social buzz

We understand the challenges companies face in selecting measurement tools, developing an understanding of KPIs, analyzing social media reports to improve performance, and creating tests to improve social media messages. Our analytics solutions provide best-in-class frameworks to analyze the brand sentiment, understand the effectiveness of the promotional activities, and provide information on the competing brands. Request a free demo for more insights.

4: Aids in Finding Influencers to Help you Reach a Larger Audience

Influencers are very important if you want to get your brand’s name to be out to your targeted audience. While doing social media monitoring you can check who the influencers in your niche are and connect with them easily. Influencers can improve your conversion rates because their audience is not only looking for your products or services, but they trust that the particular influencer would only recommend reputed companies.

5: Improve your Ideas for New Content

Social media monitoring helps you stay inspired. It assists in monitoring the relevant industry topics that are trending on a general level. This way you can find new and innovative ideas and perceptions for your content. Also, you can use your competitors’ ideas as a source for inspiration or as a warning to figure out what doesn’t work in your market.

Want to know more about the benefits of social media marketing tools? Request for more information.

6: Manages your Brand Reputation and Respond to Crisis Situations Very Well

With social media monitoring tools, you can closely keep an eye on what is written about your brand and what the tone of the discussion is. The social media monitoring tool will notify you as soon as your brand is mentioned in social media or journalistic media. A rigid social media marketing plan can help you respond to your customers quickly. A prompt response to any feedback makes customers realize that you care about their needs and experience.

7: Showcases Your Customer Service Skills

An effective social media marketing plan helps your brand to connect with your customers promptly. This often showcases the customers that your customer service skills are great. Furthermore, this establishes the customer’s trust in the brand.

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