Strategic Sourcing and Procurement: Empowering Sustainability in a Circular Economy

Jul 16, 2020

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Propelled by market dynamism and the inclination toward modernization, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) operating in the IT industry continue to harness the power of globalization to drive productivity. In such a scenario, strategic sourcing and procurement have taken centre-stage, becoming inevitable in driving better business outcomes. Notably, strategic sourcing and procurement have transformed into a more strategic business function that is closely aligned to key objectives and business goals. Also, as disruptions due to economic and political volatility have rendered the IT industry fiercely competitive, businesses are now looking to sharpen their strategic sourcing and procurement skills to maximize performance and drive efficiency to gain a competitive edge over their peers.

Strategic sourcing and procurement can help shorten the development timeframe and meet cost targets to make the design and development of quality products in the competitive IT industry a repeatable reality. Request a FREE proposal to gain comprehensive insights into strategic sourcing and procurement.

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How OEMs Can Tackle Supply Chain Disruptions Using Quantzig’s Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Given the rise in supply chain disruptions, a suitable approach that OEMs can adopt to drive efficiency is by closely examining sourcing and procurement processes to optimize and streamline core operations, both of which play a pivotal role in improving supply chain visibility. At Quantzig, we help you adopt a transformational approach to achieving high performance through strategic sourcing by offering advanced supplier scorecarding and visibility solutions. When compared to our peers, we go a step further and crawl the web for latest updates on the current trends and provide insights to our clients on factors that will affect the supply side of the business, thus enabling the sourcing and procurement function to play a crucial role in proactively engaging new suppliers and procuring alternate raw materials.

Quantzig’s strategic sourcing and procurement services focus on identifying and evaluating solutions-oriented suppliers that provide goods and services that benefit OEMs operating within various industries. The aim is to analyze factors impacting indirect, direct, and raw material spending through cross-collaboration and strategic purchasing execution. This includes, but is not limited to areas of spending that involve-

  • Equipment maintenance and operations management
  • Packaging and distribution
  • Corporate materials and services

Get in touch with our strategic sourcing and procurement analytics experts to learn how we can help you mitigate manufacturing and procurement risks with minimal effort and investment.

Case in Point: How Quantzig Helped a US-based Tech Giant to Reimagine its Sourcing and Procurement Strategy

With operations spread across 15 countries and over 1,000 suppliers, procurement has always been the lifeblood of this US-based Tech major. However, long-entrenched strategic sourcing processes and siloed data sets across this heavily matrixed enterprise were giving rise to major challenges that curtailed their sourcing and procurement efficiency. Realizing the need to revamp its current supply chain processes, the client approached Quantzig looking to leverage its strategic sourcing and procurement services to enhance efficiency.

A detailed analysis of the client’s challenges helped reveal that the client needed to break down silos to gain visibility across the organization. To do so, Quantzig set up a cross-disciplinary team of supply chain analytics experts, procurement specialists, and process consults, who developed advanced data cleansing and enrichment techniques and offered rich data-driven insights within weeks. This was followed by the creation of a strategic sourcing and procurement analytics platform with a comprehensive suite of applications designed to address the full source-to-pay continuum.

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