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Jul 26, 2019

Purchase Order Flow Management

Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that offers customized analytics solutions, has announced the launch of their latest newsletter on benefits of supply chain analytics solutions for businesses today. Supply chain analytics acts as a nexus between industries and the gigantic troves of supply chain information lying at their disposal. Supply chain analytics solutions  help businesses identify new opportunities within the supply chain and benchmark costs across each of the supply chain nodes.

Quantzig’s customizable supply chain analytics solutions help business leaders to improve supply chain planning, reduce excess spend and inventory costs, improve the demand planning, and the capacity planning process. To learn more about our capabilities, contact us.

Reducing Distribution Cost by About $8M For a Leading Sports Brand

Identifying supply chain opportunities and risks by combining real-time datasets is a daunting task for businesses. A leading sports brand was finding it difficult to gain access to historic datasets related to suppliers, costs, and overall business outcomes. They wanted to combine the dynamic demand signals with real-time market insights to make crucial supply chain decisions and proactively respond to the changing needs of the market.

Quantzig’s supply chain risk analysis solution helped the client to gain access to historic supply chain information by region, vendor, and across all product hierarchies. The solution offered helped the client’s sourcing teams to better analyze the performance data of suppliers and drill down to the root cause of performance inadequacies. By leveraging Quantzig’s supply chain analytics solutions, the sports brand was able to improve the flexibility of the supply chain and reduce distribution costs by $8M.

Minimizing Inefficiencies in Supply Chain Management

Are obsolete inventory management systems leading to poor business outcomes? If yes, then you must read our success story to learn how we helped a food and beverage industry player gain control over their inventory to keep food distribution safe and efficient.

During the course of this engagement, our supply chain analytics experts developed a customized dashboard to help the client gain actionable insights and optimize their supply chain operations. This further helped the food and beverage company to enhance supply chain management efficiency by combining descriptive and predictive data sets to regulate the consequences of different choices of action.

Gain better visibility into supply chain processes and improve operational efficiency by putting your real-time data to work, request a free proof of concept to know more.

Improving Demand Forecasting Efficiency Through Supply Chain Analytics Solutions

Building an effective demand forecasting model is no more a myth. This success story by Quantzig is the best example of this where one of its clients faced a similar predicament but realized a major improvement in their capabilities to forecast demand with a suitable demand forecasting model.

By leveraging Quantzig’s supply chain analytics solution, the client, a distilled spirits manufacturing company, was able to overcome challenges that were affecting on-time and in-full delivery. Also, a multi-source data integration solution by Quantzig helped them to gain an end to end visibility on the supply journey of each product right from manufacturing to order delivery.

Request a free demo to gain real-time insights on the position of your assets with the help of our supply chain analytics solutions.

Monitoring Vendor Risks and Minimizing Inventory Levels

Measuring the supply chain and vendor performance to increase profitability has become one of the major roadblocks for many companies. Supply chain analytics solutions may hold the key to success. Take a quick look at our recent case study to understand how we helped a processed food retailer to optimize their existing logistics and route operations to minimize inventory levels and monitor the vendor risk and performance.

The client was facing several predicaments in monitoring and tracking their supply chain processes. Factors such as these, along with a decline in profit margins impelled them to leverage analytics to monitor inventory levels/avoid out-of-stock scenarios. Our supply chain analytics experts adopted a comprehensive approach that helped them to reduce costs associated with the supply chain and drive sustainable development. Also, the processed food retailer was able to develop robust supply chain strategies that helped them to serve the needs of the customers and maximize overall profitability.

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