Business Benefits of Implementing a ‘Data-Driven + Analytics Powered’ Approach to Supply Chain Management

Jul 26, 2019

Spend Analytics

Supply chains have always been complex, requiring the integration of multiple processes, applications, technologies, and organizational. At Quantzig, we believe that the challenges arising due to the fast-evolving digital transformations and globalization of today’s businesses can be overcome by applying advanced supply chain analytics methodologies. Quantzig’s portfolio of supply chain analytics solutions is designed to help businesses analyze the critical factors that disrupt supply chain processes across industries. Leveraging our advanced supply chain analytics solutions can not only help you simplify, harmonize, and accelerate planning processes, but will also empower you to monitor and track supply chain performance, and respond effectively to changes and unplanned events.

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How Our Supply Chain Analytics Capabilities Can Help

Inventory Management

In a rapidly transforming business environment, inventory management turns out to be an important factor that controls costs and optimizes cash flow while helping businesses react proactively to the changing customer demands. Also, in an omnichannel world, leveraging supply chain analytics alone to analyze what you’ve got, where it is, and where it should be can be tough and might not help you make crucial inventory management decisions. As such, it’s crucial to gain end-to-end visibility on factors that impact supply chain performance. Failing which, understanding how to move and account for inventory more profitably and making the right trade-offs can be all but impossible.

Warehouse Management

Efficient, reliable, and productive warehousing is a critical capability in any supply chain. But all too often, inaccurate information, incoherent processes, and poor supply chain visibility hamper efforts to attain it. The key is to use supply chain analytics to gain a consolidated view of trusted information and supply chain processes so you can optimize and continuously improve end-to-end supply chain operations, even as your business grows in size and complexity.

Demand and Capacity Planning

Leveraging supply chain analytics to integrate supply chain data sets with ERP data can open up a new world of insights into business processes and supply chain operations, from managing supplier risks to responding to customer buying behaviors. The integration of processes also lays the foundation for improving supply chain efficiency, facilitated by a centralized list of qualified and reliable suppliers and demand-centric customers.

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New supply chain analytics technologies and digital capabilities are constantly disrupting supply chains and redefining existing business models. They have a profound impact on supply chain operations as we know them and empower businesses to drive new demand-driven supply chain analytics capabilities and transformation strategies that were difficult to build in traditional supply chain management systems.

To maximize your chance of success and drive business value through the use of innovative technologies and supply chain analytics, your business must be able to make informed data-driven decisions based on accurate, timely, and granular data. It’s essential to have as much flexibility and agility as possible across the entire supply chain to be able to sense, analyze, and adapt to the constant changes in supply chain operations.

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