Three Important Uses for Analytics in Hospitals

Mar 31, 2017

healthcare data analytics

Healthcare is an essential service and industry for every last one of us, so it’s no surprise that we’re constantly trying to find ways to make it more efficient, accessible, and affordable. Data analytics could be the thing healthcare needs to become totally revolutionized, more connected, and more able to serve patients with diverse healthcare needs. Here are three big ways that analytics are improving healthcare and treatment within hospitals.

  • It saves time and money: One of the major uses of big data and analytics in hospitals is assisting healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses, with making clinical decisions. Healthcare workers can easily see what a particular patient requires as well as what they have been admitted for, what medications they are taking, and other medical information using analytics and patient data available on tablets or electronic dashboards and screens. This saves time, allowing healthcare workers to make faster and more accurate decisions about the treatment that a patient should receive, and also cuts down on inaccurate diagnoses and treatments, saving money in the long term. Advanced analytics services can also be used to analyze the spending of a healthcare institution, identifying areas where reasonable cuts can be made, and helping to reduce administration costs.

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  • It can improve hospital functions: Analytics can improve communication and information sharing between different departments as well as individual healthcare workers caring for the same patients. Patient and big data analytics can also help to coordinate the operations of healthcare institutions, coordinate systems, make records more easily accessible, and allow smoother transitions of patients and information between hospitals and healthcare institutions.
  • It can improve overall patient wellness: The prevalence of health informatics and the use of analytics in healthcare and hospitals can improve the health and wellness of patients. Collecting and analyzing data about a patient’s health over time can allow doctors to better understand the patient’s individual health problems and the risk factors prevalent in their lifestyle, and to track a patient’s progress in terms of weight loss and other medical issues and processes. Healthcare Analytics can also be used to help a patient make lifestyle changes and to identify areas in their lives where they can make modifications to become healthier. Hospitals can also make use of predictive analytics software and solutions to determine what a patient’s future may hold in terms of medicine and healthcare and to work towards preventative measures and treatments.

The benefits that analytics usage provides to hospitals are invaluable and are revolutionizing the way healthcare institutions operate and the care that patients receive. We can expect to see the use of data analytics increase over the coming years and work to improve patient outcomes, balance hospital budgets, and make healthcare more accessible and effective for a greater number of people, amongst other things.

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