Top Applications of Predictive Analytics in the Manufacturing Sector

Sep 5, 2017

Predictive analytics

The manufacturing sector has used traditional forms of predictive analytics that were often based on simple guessing techniques and forecast models for ages. But the only drawback of this ancient form of predictive data analytics was that it was driven by intuition and relied heavily on data acquired from unreliable and inaccurate sources. However, thanks to the growing popularity of big data and the internet of things (IoT) enabled sensors and machines; predictive analytics techniques now leverage advanced analytics services and algorithm models to uncover trends and gain actionable insights. The modern form of predictive analytics is driven by the wide availability and easy accessibility to large amounts of reliable, structured, and accurate data from a variety of sources that facilitates strategic decision making in the manufacturing sector.

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Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing Sector – Improves Quality

Predictive analytics techniques and tools have a positive impact on critical manufacturing processes. When organizations embed predictive and data analytics in their manufacturing processes and production practices, it results in improved quality. With the help of advanced data analytics, businesses can build a database by collecting data, undertaking data cleansing, and storing it on a cloud-based infrastructure to further analyze and identify trends that drive the manufacturer to devise effective action plans to improve manufacturing quality.

Forecasting Demand in the Manufacturing Sector

Advanced data analytics services and the internet of things enable manufacturers to forecast demand by combining the past data and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing and production processes that help in identifying gaps or trends. Predictive analytics enables businesses to identify and study data patterns by combing risk management and demand forecasting to drive production and operational efficiency.

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Optimum Asset Capacity Utilization and Preventive Maintenance

Predictive analytics allows manufacturers to make better use of machine cost, schedule maintenance activities, monitor the machine activities and automate the processes with the help of sensors embedded in the machines. These sensors and devices automate the data analysis, capture data from various touch points, and facilitate preventive maintenance to reduce machine-related issues. Preventive maintenance will alert the producer or manufacturer about the issues, which ensures that all the machines are operating at maximum efficiency. Manufacturing sector companies can leverage market analytics and customer analytics among other advanced data analytics services to ensure demand-supply fulfilments.

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